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SVM 2006 SportphotoX photos

The Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2006 photos are out! (Search for yours at sportsphotoX) whoa haha and there is no stinky watermark placed over the photos this time on… Just search as usual using your name or Bib No, then all your photos will show… save! save! save! Whee!

Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2006 - Shaun
Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2006 - Shaun
Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2006 - Shaun

Its Wednesday, 4 more days to Mara-day. Will be pasta-fying all the stuffs we call FOOD from today on.

Oh yea, if you are wondering what my hand sign is in the photos. It’s done by folding in your middle and 4th finger (held by your thumb), with your pinky and index sticking out. It’s and easier alternative to the “hang loose” sign they make in Hawaii as a cool greeting, or like “hi!”

Did a 10km pacing run at Sunset way Canal Route yesterday evening. (my last training run before the marathon). Never actually ran there during nightfall, but the night air there is rather nice fresh & cooling, complimented by the resounding ambience of crickets and trickles of water splashing in the canal drains. Much better than the urban wildness of Tiong Bahru park.

After a few runs these weeks, got quite used to wearing the light cap I am intending to wear for the first time in a long distance event. I decide to go a with a cap this year as the mornings these weeks had been always been super roasting. (the pattern now is: very hot in the morning-noon then rain in the evening).

Especially in the light of last year’s marathon – The air at the padang was just watery wavey-HOT. So I guess I’ve taken the needed precautions this year against the sun, yet not ending up dizzy or light headed at the end of the race because of a head constriction.

The talk of the town recently are body analysis weight scales, which takes your body fat and body water index. The average of readings so far in my peers or talk are about 18%-25%, so I guess it’s in the normal range, as if there are boastful perceptions about how much fat they have: “hey I have MORE than you! I win!”… For me, it’s around 10%-12% so that means I have about 6kg+ of balast hanging on me?

Shouts to Geoffrey who came back from Aust for visiting. But things are a little packed on my side at the moment, esp with 3 Mid semester tests since Monday. So are the rest of the usual gang in college. To make matters worst, well he’s flying off Thursday & we have not actually got a plan set yet… Mmmm how how…


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