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More Adidas Adizero Tags

Just a few more ideas down the road…

Right Race Orientation
Right Race Orientation
Eminent  Fart Boost
Eminent Fart Boost
Current and Past Perfect Tense
Current and Past Perfect Tense
Please overtake on the right...
Please overtake on the right…
Runner on steriods
Runner on steriods
I am on Reserve!
I am on Reserve!

It’s a Thurday!
Finally, 3 dreaded tests are cleared early-week and reports handed up. So it’s a clear and a peace of mind for me this coming Sunday’s Marathon without any outstanding work to haunt me. I just love this feeling of accomplishment while it lasts… Furthermore, there was no wednesday GEMs as our teacher had lost her voice (as indicated as a pre-written message on the white board). Ironically it had given us the impression that class was canceled as she didn’t turn up even after an hour, despite almost everyone present for class.

Whats left is Friday and the weekend! which means Marathon! hola!

Our PDD lecturer Mr Choong told us in class today that he had catered overseas ITP specially for us CIE students – it’s working a a plastic mold factory in Shanghai. It cost’s $1500 for the OITP after the 50% subsidy by the school. From what I see, it’s quite ridiculous to pay to work. Besides “invaluable work experiences” and a “better portfolio”, it just simply cannot justify the hassles and inconveniences incurred as opportunity costs to working in Singapore, (where we students will be paid instead). Furthermore, I have to pay for lodging, accommodation on top of personal items such as food, etc for OITP so the costs just adds up. My stand is if none of my peers go, I wouldn’t even consider going. Whats more miserable than working alone as an alien? Whats more I have to speak Chinese… Ewww!

House of the Dead 4 aracde machine

Played some HOTD4 today at the bugis junction basement arcade after school. I could just smell the game there and I just know that I can find it there. But it costs $2 a game including continues, very very much more expensive than Zone-X’s $1.20 per game. Also P2 light gun trigger is not as responsive as the one at Jurong East, but at least the grenades don’t pop out when you don’t want it to. Got owned even before the 2nd boss “The Lovers”, but I managed to own and toy around with the first boss “The Justice” on stage 1. Now just got to work more on clearing the first 2 stages without any life loss, it’s not the bosses which takes your life off, but the damn stray zombies – you just have to know which zombies in a crowd to kill off first, leaving those with “shake off” attacks of lesser priority behind. My proposed workspace for ITP next semester will be near Bugis so I will see myself HOTD-ing quite regularly after work.

Its just a matter of time before I complete the whole game in one credit… whee!


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