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Brought my new Mizuno Wave Creation 8!

Brought my Mizuno Wave Creation 8

Brought my new Shoes today! Tata! brought my in-season shoes for the year – The “New” Mizuno Wave Creation 8! My current old DS trainer 12 is busting out from sole wear so bad (approx 1000km under it’s belt since march last year) it’s cushioning is not only gone but effectively not much rubber left between road and cushion.

So what over better shoe to take it’s place for the rest of the year’s running events but Mizuno’s Flagship running shoe – the creation 8! Brought my shoe direct with Darius from the distro in Macperson with 40% off regular store prices. Had some chat with the chap there who was our liason for the “invitational purchase”. He was also a hard core runner taking part in many events round the Singapore Calendar as well, with Mizuno Wave run 2007 of course marked firmly our all calendars.

Mizuno Wave Creation 8 Front Logo
Creation 8 Front Logo
Mizuno Wave Creation 8 Back
Creation 8 Back
Mizuno Wave Creation 8 Osaka 2007 Edition
The Osaka 2007 Edition

There was also a newer Osaka 2007 edition of the shoe in store, but the changes are mostly cosmetic with a new gold colour scheme. I went for the original (and nicer looking) red/yellow/black one which will be the more rarer one when the Osaka version hit the stores mainstream.

The shoe is built primarily for long distances, which is very applicable for my nature of runs – with 5% lost of cushioning even after 500km thanks to the revolutionary Infinity Wave which provides the ultimate in cushioning, rebound and durability by reducing the shoe’s reliance on midsole foam. Topping it all up, to me the shoe just simply looks fabulous, the colour combination and heel design, it simply just exotic.

Would be burning in the shoes over the weekend with a 15km run.


  1. Hi! there I was thinking of giving my wife this pair of Mizuno wave, she tried
    it but found the price ex. could you recommend me the place where I can get
    a good deal for it…

    Hope to hear from you… thanks

  2. You can get it from running lab stores, they are just about $10-$20 more than how much I got it for (about roughly 30% off) retail price of $230, that’s the cheapest I’ve came across so far.

  3. hi there,

    hey bro, without any doubt mizuno is a good running shoe…intend to get a new pair for myself but what is suitable for me?? i usually run 2.4km (ippt of course), 10km….but during training i ran above 10km…so which model of mizuno is best for my routine….??



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