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Mizuno Wave Run 2007 Details

Here are some off-hand details of the Mizuno Wave Run 2007

  • Race Date: Sunday 22nd July 2007
  • Venue (Start/End Point): Temasek Poly (TP) Sports Stadium
  • Distance: 10km and 5 km (Fun run)
  • Reporting Time: 0630hrs
  • Race Start Time: 0730 hrs

Categories and Pricing

  • Mens open ($20)
  • Womens open ($20)
  • Mens veteran ($20)
  • Womens veteran ($20)
  • Non-Competitive Fun run ($15)

Race Route

Mizuno Wave Run 2007 Route

Route Explanation: TP Stadium – Bedok Reservoir Loop – North along TP Main Road – TP Stadium (Yellow Line)

Registration Details
Registration closing date: Sunday 15th july 2007
Register personally at the following Mizuno & World of Sports outlets (VGO Corp):

  • Mizuno Paragon
  • Mizuno Marina Square
  • Mizuno AMK Hub
  • Mizuno Vivocity
  • WOS Plaza Singapura
  • WOS Jurong Point
  • WOS Toa Payoh
  • WOS Heartland Mall
  • WOS Takashimaya
  • WOS Velocity @ Novena Square
  • Feder Sports
  • Running Lab at Funan IT Mall & Velocity

Runner Entitlements

  • Goodie Bag containing:
  • (For all categories) Mizuno Limited Edition Event Singlet worth $25.90
  • (For competitive only) Mizuno Shoe Bag worth $19.90
  • (For non-competitive only) World of Sports Socks worth $9.90
  • 30% discount on Mizuno regular-priced merchandise at point of registration.

See you at the Race!


  1. There is no age limit for the opens, maybe u can try the MENS opens, though that may seem a bit far fetched for a typical 10 year old. 😯

    But actually theres quite alot who do that as well, having their kids running along with their parents since the flag off timing are the same (so best bet to stay in same category)

    Well that depends on you, technically U can still reg, otherwise you can consider the Non-Competitive Fun run.

  2. In the booking leaflet it says there is no storage facilities but the bib number has a baggage tag. Is there anywhere runners can leave baggage during the run? also, do you get to the stadium via the main entrance of the poly or via Bedok resevoir?

  3. yes from what I know there’s a high chance there will be baggage collection. (I will confirm this when I get it official)

    From what I see, unlike the earlier Mizuno races from the last few years (e.g 2005, 2006) with NO baggage collection, the case you are experiencing here now is very similar to the 2007 Mizuno Mount Faber run this year- They did state no baggage storage in the leaflet but offer the storage tags on bibs.

    In the end they still have one collection point at the HBD void decks. From what I see this year could be the same too.

    Anyway, you can always use the lockers in the sports complex too, the only problem is whether they are all taken.

  4. heys! thanks for the info on ur blog, it was very helpful! i was looking out for any online registration for the mizuno runs this year.
    hmm but im still a lil confused, there will be 2 mizuno runs held concurrently on 22nd july? the wave run and mount faber run?

  5. Hi,

    Nice site! Do you happen to know what the 5 km route is like? Both the official entry form and your picture above only show one route, which I believe is the 10 km one?


  6. For those looking to get there from Tampines MRT, you can take bus service number 21 for about a 10min journey to bedok reservoir. Alight before the reservoir/canal itself, just beside the sports complex, where you can walk about 200m inside to the start point. Otherwise, you can do a warm up jog from the MRT to there iself, it’s a nice long straigh road there (about 1km).

    You can check out the map here at this URL

  7. Just like all mizuno runs, please have a watch to do your own nett timing, there will be a large clock/timer at the start/finish line which captures guntime, and timings only for top places for each category.

    The gun timer will still run till the last runner crosses the finish line but no personal timings will be captured. Marshalls may be at the finish only to count number of runners who finished for statistical purposes.

    Got some offbeat news that this year’s race attendance is exceptional at the last minute and there may be some mixed older variations in the mizuno jerseys offered, rather than the one advertised. The best bet is to collect your goodie bag asap when you’ve finished for the newer ones or while stock last.

  8. Its raining heavily. Should we still head down to the running event? I am a first time runner. Whats the standard practice if there’s bad weather on the event day? Would there be a change in race date or totally cancelled? Do we get refund or at least the goodie bag?

    Such a disappointment since its my first run.

  9. it was a very messy run!! muddy and unexpected ending point at bedok reservior…shared with aljunied grc walk-a-jog.. terrible organisation. i hope no old folks got ran over. messy Q for goodie bag.. no direction at all under you get to the collection tent.

  10. Poor logistic! Badly managed!
    Last year encountered almost the same senario and told myself never to participate in Mizuno run anymore…
    Guessed what… I was there again this morning!
    What will stop us?? Poor logistics or bad traffic control…you said it all,..
    Running its a passion and it wouldn’t deter us…
    Looking forward to the Real Run now! cheers!

  11. Fellow-Runners,

    It goes without saying, if there’s ever an award to be given for the ‘Worst Organised Race’ Mizuno Wave Run 2007 will win it hand-down.
    Not that I mind the rain, the mud, the bottlenecks and narrow pavement. These are part and puzzle of a race, but what really puts me off was the collection of the goodie bag. After crossing the finish line – I hope I got the right one – I walk my way back to the sports complex thinking that the remaining of the events and collection of the race kit will be conducted there. To my horror it wasn’t to be. After asking around for no less then 10 mins then I realise that the collection point was at the park. Make my way that like a clown and another shock awaits you. Two, three, four lines formed and not knowing which one.
    I actually took about 50 mins to complete my run but guess what took 1hr 35 mins to get my goodie bag.
    WELL DONE! Mizuno Wave Run 2007 👿 The whole organisation just reined a great run.

  12. What a disappointment the Mizuno Wave run was yesterday. Very badly organised. I did the 5km run after having laid off for some years due to family commitments. Now that I have decided to come back to running, I “run” straight into the most disorganised run ever. 🙄

    There were several bottlenecks along the path from the stadium to the park. Where the heck was the finishing line for the 5km? There were no marshalls to advise us. I ran along with the rest of the runners until I got onto the canal and road and then realised that I was well on the 10km route. I stopped to ask a marshall who seemed to be a Chinaman and could not speak English. My Mandarin was just as bad and we were like a chicken and duck trying to communicate. In the end, I decided to walk back to the park. I also met a few other just-as-confused 5km runners.

    Luckily I was early to collect my goodie bag. Queue was not very long then. There were several people who did not know where to collect the goodie bags. To make matters worse, there was also another function by the Aljunied GRC where there were so many old folks hanging around the stage area despite Daniel Ong telling them not to.

    If Mizuno runs are going to be like that, as mentioned by the other runners, then I may think twice about participating in their runs.

    Oh, by the way, I did not get a Mizuno running singlet (as stated in the registration form) but a polo t-shirt instead. Another disappointment. 😡

  13. Let’s forget about the Mizuno run.

    Look out for the New Balance and Army 1/2 Marathon better.

    I just registered myself for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007 this afternoon at Raffles Place road show. If you are a past participants, you’re entitled to 20% discount. The rate for this year’s race is quite ex though. The running T provided by adidas is so much better looking than last year’s. Only two colours, Blue and white stripes. Not a singlet but more like a sleeveless T.

  14. The Army 1/2 Marathon or 12 km race is a professionally organised race.
    The route will be closed and assured no bottlenecks. As professionally done as the Standard Chartered race anytime.

    Finishers medal will be given to all 1/2 marathon runners regardless of finishing position. To top it up, the end poit will be the floating platform by the bay.

  15. Thanks Sly Han.

    I am looking forward to the 1/2 Marathon. It will make up for the local half marathon I will miss this year back in my home town in Ireland which is on Saturday 25th Aug 2007.

  16. HI guys…

    I went for Mizu run and….. SUCKs…. The Organiser…. Damm jia Lat Sia… i have just signed up for SBR 10Km and SC 1/2 Marathon…. any tips? Cos never ran 1/2 before…

    Also… What do u all recommend for running shoes? Is my Army brooks good enough??


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