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SP Sports complex opening

& we got the best seats!

Well, its finally the day of the long awaited SP Sports Grand opening day, with poppers, balloons, unicyclists, not to mention bag pipers in quilts, yea, my friend Andre came to school in his quilt (aka “the shirt”) all the way from pasir ris on MRT today! comments! comments!

Our Guest of Honour is some Doctor or so from South West CDC. Who officially opened the complex with a lion dance & a great Singapore workout. We got even free visors! Not to mention free CCA points for everyone! Besides this, track & field had actually been using the track (on a soft opening) for months already for training, infact since May, wonder why do they choose it open it now? Which is kinda.. umm late? My role there today is very much being a track marshal for the track events to be held as part of the programme, & a finishing-line marshal as well. But all that is after the old-boy’s soccer match…

Yes, the ex-Singapore national soccer players came to compete on a 45min friendly match against home. The Singapore team consisted of several old Singapore football legends, back at the time when its “still good” including, Sundram. Overall the match ended 3-2 with the Singapore team taking the win. & its only on the penalty shootouts were they finally broke the 2-2 tie. Good match, & I guess thats what everybody’s there for.

Welcome to SP Sport complex opening day!
The Sports Complex!
We got soccer from the old boys
Ex-Team Singapore vs Team SP
Track events
Track Events

Track events followed thereafter. Everything went well, with the exception of one competitor fracturing his leg on the men’s 60m veteran event, which definately sent the red cross volunteers scurrying & the ambulance on standby rushing off them of to the nearest hospital thereafter. The event ended 6pm + & dang I had to RUN after the bus this time on my way out the complex… as bus service 196 is just so notorious for its waits at the bustop. Luckily the old uncle driver was kind enough to hold the bus for me, thanking him on the way in. *sigh* Come to think about it, such kind drivers are so hard to come by these days…



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