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“Sakaed” at Sakae Sushi

Westpoint Sakae Sushi

We came in empty but left walking out with our arms behind our backs like pregnant women. If you guessed “buffet” you are right. Just say “we” as a class went straving since lunchtime till 3pm, when we finally arrived at Westmall, Bukit Batok where we chomped to our hearts delight till 5pm. For a student rate of $16.00 including all the misc charges. Overall the class was split into 2 tables of 5 & 6 & we are amazingly tied at 70 coloured plates one both tables, thats brings about 140 coloured plates of sushi in total. hehheh…

Got a call from one of my troopers Zhiwei today. Called asking whether I’ve received my 2005 $200 marksman bonus the SAF is supposed to pay me. Initially I thought I would never get my $200, considering that I didn’t get my ATP-M marksman bonus for last year too, with the exception of IPPT bonuses. So I guess as screwed up big organisations can be, I wasn’t even expecting to get it this year. But the call came as a welcome & I see our inkchik is really fighting real hard for us to get the bonus. Whee! till I get the injection, I would be $200 closer to my wishlist items! Hello HTC Universal!

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