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Naui Scuba Diving Course

Naui Scuba Diver's Course

Today’s the first day of my NAUI Scuba Diving Course. I actually remembered reading it somewhere, but till then it never crossed my mind that the word SCUBA was actually a noun, later do I rediscover that its actually an acronym- Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus S.C.U.B.A. haha talking about neat acronyms. Mingled around & made quite a few friends on the first class which started at 9am today. Had a period of ice-breakers & bonding during lunch.

Notorious is Singapore muky waters, as bad as milo-ice-dinosaur, so as joked by the instructors & lecturers. The instructors strongly recommend the Malaysia Pulau Aur Dive Trip scheduled this weekend for an additional $160. Which covers a return trip to the protected dive resort with 2 days, 2 nights stay with food (all 3 meals) & accomodation provided. Come to think about it, its actually quite a good deal you ask me, personally I had seen the waters around Singapore (esp around labrador park area where the Singapore dive site would be launched from) & yes, you can’t see your hands in front of your when underwater, its that bad. Pulau Aur waters claims to have a visiblity of an astonishing 10m with a large array of marine life, the perfect Scuba diving experience they claim.

Today’s Theory lesson covers:

  • Dive Tables
  • Scuba Diving Apparatus
  • Dive Safety (Ascends/Descends)
  • Dive Environment & Planning
  • Dive Mechanics, Physics, Medicine & Physiology
  • Decompression & Recompression

Tomorrow will be a break from Scuba Diving, so its very much back to land for Track & Field Training. Wednesday will be interesting, with practice sessions in the school pool on the lineup. woo exciting!

Met my class tutor/lecturer Mr Ting who wanted me to run a personal survey about Colorectal Cancer awareness in Singapore, gladly accepted the job as he’s actually one the better lecturers I’ve came across, so I guess I was very much paying him back the favour. Moreover I actually had some contacts & time to help him with it.

Pumped up 3 sets of my usual upper body rountine at the poolside gym thereafter before heading down to BM Central for dinner, nothing great, but I just simply love the Curry rice there, together with a hot beancurd dessert, whoa yummy! Dropped by Lester’s pad to do & discuss some coding & work, he even gave me a lift home thereafter… a good way to end a long hard day. Whee!

Last but not least, Google once fascinated us with Google earth, now theres Google Mars?


  1. Hi Edlyn,

    Generally SSI/PADI/NAUI they are just all different scuba schools of thought. The end result is the same after the basic – you can dive in any open waters in the world as these schools are recognised worldwide.

    What you learn from is actually largely the same from either schools, esp with the universal scuba sign language, there are only some minor differences though.

    The thing is, your certification greatly depends on which diving school your diving instructor is trained in. e.g if your instructor is NAUI trained, he can only pass them off as a NAUI scuba diver, unless if your instructor is trained from other schools of though as well.

    just my 2cents. 😉


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