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National Vertical Marathon 2006


Today is the day where we as a group from SP track & field, get to conquer the Suntec’s full 43 floors of concrete at the NTU’s annual National vertical marathon challenge. This is not my first vertical marathon, having conquered 73 floors at the swissotel, the stamford last year. But this 43 floors proves to be quite a reasonable fleat as well, as though being 30 floors shorter than swissotel, each floor is roughly a meter higher & each step slightly higher than your average step. This makes 2 double stepping, my style of climbing stairs harder on each stride. You can feel the latics start building on around 20 floors, slowing you down to a steady rhythmic walk/climb, instead of the intial sprint/climb. Estimated a 7.30 timing up, not that bad – at least I ran less than 8mins, within my target, but way off the 6mins best timing.

7mins 30s dudes!
7:30 dudes!
whoa 43 floors!
Spiderman to the rescue! (Best dressed participant)

Due to the even-spaced seperate categories open only at certain timings throughout the day, this definately made crowd control & baggage collection a breeze, not to mention the goodie bag collection as well. This ensured a continous flow of participants throught the whole day without causing an unnecessary crowd which might spill over due to limited space around the event area. Won a Jointcare supplement bottle from a spin & win contest on my second attempt. To qualify we have to answer some crossword puzzle with answers relating to their product, one crossword entitles to one spin. Moreover, the best dressed participant for the day definately have to be Spiderman who scaled the whole 43 floors internally. Haha he should have done it on the outside! He was promoting the vegetarian culture, distributing flyers & cd-roms as a rep from a pro-vege community group, well spiders ain’t vegetarians, so as we thought, but it gave us a wonderful group picture credit as well!

Ahlong & the gang stayed back to help up with the kids in the special olympics while Alex & me, left early to drop by the IT show (3rd visit in 4 exhitbition days for me)

Last but not least, the event photos, courtesy of Alex.


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