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Running update, Revised Tiong Bahru Park Runs

It’s 2007 a new running year and new resolutions to meet as well. With that, it’s time to revise the 2006 usual running patterns.

2007 Revised Tiong Bahru Running Route

My Revised Running Route Map

My usual favorite bi-weekly running route will have a revised distance, so not only make my lap and distance counts easier but it will be more accurate to do my timings and pacings based on the single kilometer instead of the 800m previously. One round is realistically 1.05km with an additional 50m to accommodate for my habit to occasionally take the insides of corners and bends, so give and take it’s 1km.

I though I might be crazy naming the corners of the run, like the “Delta Apex”, or the “GESS Figure 8”, but unlike that on the BBC Top Gear race track, it’s the basic thing I can have on my mind (besides playing music) for those extended repeated rounds I particularly love. Training runs will be 15 rounds for half-marathon training (present distance for my Amback KL Half-Marathon) and 20-30 rounds for a marathon (2007 SCM).

My Labrador Park Distance will still be fixed at 1.22km so is my other favorite Sunset way canal route capped at 5.18km per round.

Labrador Park 1.22km
Labrador Park 1.22km/Round
Sp Canal Route 5.18km
SP Canal Route 5.18km/Round

National Vertical Marathon 2007
Got a confirmation on the National Vertical Marathon 2007 this Sunday. This time it’s Republic Plaza (RP) with 60 floors to beat. I had not ran up RP before, contrary to Swissotel and Suntec, hope the stairwell layout is alternating and not so monotonous. Registrations starts at 6.30 – 9am for Men’s Open. Would be meeting my track and classmates at Raffles MRT at about 7am after breakfast around home. Then would be going for a short 1 hour continuous cardio swim after the event to sum up the coming Sunday morning.

Asics DS Trainer
I was looking the Asics DS Trainer 12 is out for $209 at the Marina Square Asics concept shop yesterday. Should be able to get it at about $129 from the running world warehouse. Otherwise, I still find my present Trainer 11 the best looking so far, which simply justify why the DS trainer 11 and 12 are sold for the same $209 price?

Last but not least, here is a little inspiration: Running The Sahara.

Would be going out for another 15km run again. Chaos!

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  1. Just curious, where ( url?) is the running world warehouse? I bought a pair of ASICS just yesterday at Funan running Lab at 30% off, just wondering if buying it online will be cheaper.
    Not sure how these web blogs work, but could u send a reply to my yahoo email pls?


  2. Hi Matthew, Running world is Singapore’s distributor for Asics running shoes. Their office and showroom is at 119 Genting Lane #02-01 (H & H Industrial park).

    Do take note that even as they do sell shoes there (with a rather extensively large collection including rare asics trekking shoes), the rates they are not discounted and are everyday are off-shelf prices we find in Queensday (to be fair to retailers), unless there are special invitation sales. You are better off doing bargaining at Queensway though.

  3. Hi Shaun, i’m looking at getting a pair of running/ jogging shoes for ladies. What do i look out for or which model’s recommended? Any particular shop in Queensway to look for & how’s the price range? Thanks!


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