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Post 2007 CNY

Chinese New Year is rather short this year, but very much more enjoyable than last year. Namely because it’s the first time in about 5 years where all our families come together under one roof at my grandma’s place, lunch and dinner included. Previously one of my Uncles kinda like went down in a family contractor business. Being in-debt and declared a bankrupt, he kept to himself and his family in isolation after having sold their Mercedes and rather overly large 3 floored landed semi-D for a Mitsubishi and smaller home presently. I guess it’s just human nature as my other chatty aunties would remark “No face, go Hide”. But I guess it’s time when the wounds are healed having been able to see our long lost cousins in person (besides catching up through random meet ups on the streets or irregular Friendster updates for almost 5 years since before I enlisted into the Army) – the undesirable expense of family avoidance, all over now? Well so did they say… “see you in 365 days time?”

I have not actually counted my Angbao Money yet, but based on what sis told me, she had collected an odd $200, a far cry from what we used to get previously when we were kids – going at least $300-$500 per new year. Looks like as the saying goes, as you get older you really receive less.

Work starts tomorrow for me!


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