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Rainy Outs, Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2006

Upcoming race: Vertical Marathon

My distant Uncle and auntie are in Singapore now, just flown in today afternoon where Mum, Dad and Cous Gordon’s family went to pick them up from the airport, therefore being away the whole day. Dropped by City hall in the afternoon to collect my Swissotel Vertical Marathon goodie bag (event in a fortnight’s time). The Shoe bag is meshed, but I guess it won’t be as durable as last year’s one, as meshed shoe bags tend to spoil due to the weak nature of the mesh itself. Inside this year’s goodie bag, we also got a small can of Deodorant, NVM2006-similarly sponsored Centrium tablets, together with a Cotton Cap, a Men’s health Magazine and misc sweets and discount vouchers (which I won’t even see myself using). The event shirt is dry-fit this year but still have the ugly 2 tone red and white design, the only difference is the 2005 being changed to 2006, otherwise no effort at all.

After a doing few shopping chores around the block, went thereafter to change my watch strap at the 1st floor Swatch shop, it seems that they do not stock old Irony watch straps anymore, with the sales person recommending a current silver strap to go on my navy blue aluminium one. It’s like Yew! No Taste! it’s like driving a car with replacement doors of a different paint colour! New stocks will come end of the month, costing $49.90 standard a piece with no bets whether they will receive my particular watch’s model strap. Not until I pay an additional $20 for “order service charge” presumably to swatchy’s swiss-land for a custom order…

Official stores always sells things at “nett price” it’s an excuse to jack their rates up, it’s all evident in big general retail stores as well. I can get an original strap for $25 at least from private owned family watch shops stocking swatches as well. What a rip off… $69.90 for a strap replacement? forget about it.

Killed some time at Dhoby Ghaut X-zone arcade where I can’t believe spending 40mins to queue to play the new game The House of Dead 4. Wahahah it’s so hot, the prequel to THOD3, even Ghost Squad & Time Crisis 3 Cabinets are all empty wahahah! But got to leave to AMK for dinner before I can even put SMG lead into rotting flesh. Looking back, I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I’VE ACTUALLY WAITED!! ARRGHH STUPID ME! end up also never play… dumb dumb dumb

Pardon my use of archived moblog pictures for my posts. As my camera phone is currently down. Before I get around purchasing a phone (one with all the specs I want, I am not putting even a dollar out), it’s hard to make it out with so much words where a simple moblog picture will settle it, just like before.

Windows Vista Ultimate Box Open

Mmm whats more, my computer’s been acting up lately, (well… been so for the last month actually), it’s a critical software/USB driver problem where it will force reset your system each time you boot up even system restore won’t get it fixed, not much of a problem once windows up and running, but a nusiance at start up or when I want a quick boot. Nowadays I just simply turn it on and let it reboot for about 10mins before I come back to the room to actually see it load into Windows.

But I am just too lazy (yea) to fix the problem as I can’t afford a reformat with only 3.5GB/500GB harddisk space free, so that’s no space for backups for now. Guess it’s time I got another 500GB as the lowest priced one you can get in Simlim will be $339, with market rates averaging around $369 (from $599 last year).

But I believe the MAJOR turn-off for reinstalling windows so frequently is the need for the dumb reactivation. Having gone through countless reformats to the extent of even maybe knowing the MS phone activation staff & able to recite every instruction word-by-word on computer operator line. Because the damned thing won’t allow me to net activate anymore – strike 10 & “YOU ARE OUT!” Well till then, you call & screw them up asking: “I paid hundreds for a software which refuses to run on my computer, what is THIS?” then they will scrawler into their little operator holes & offer you few more net activation “leeways”.

And it seems that Vista’s not making it any better either. I guess I will reformat when I get Vista next Jan, so I can save the trouble for doing it again when the time comes.

With that, here’s some “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” for a laugh or two…
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  1. yoz.. i tink there isn’ t anymore stock for your swatch watch strap in singapore ba.. lolx.. Coz i dun see any in the past 1 year..
    Anyway Office 2007 is veri cool loh.. my friend is using it now..


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