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Rain Rain Rain

Well it had been rainy quite alot lately. Didn’t go for training yesterday as I’ve got a family dinner on in the evening. Later do I know will it rain smack right at 5pm islandwide yesterday drenching not only track training, but the SGX bull run too… heheh good for them… Anyway, my family is no longer directly associated with SGX now, ever since they did away with pit trading. The familar “hand gestures in house coats all covered in lucky horseshoe badges” are all of a thing of the past now, only evident in the NYSE now… where you can only recall and reminiscence the “old days”… so as my parents say…

Anyway, despite the cold weather things are definately heating up on my side, namely finishing up school projects and such. With the biggie, Engineering Design Test held on the “bluest” day fo the week- Monday. Almost finished studying for it, (as I thought I would never get done). Project-wise it’s kinda difficult managing 3 different teams from 3 different modules. Especially during e-learning week when everybody’s all free to do whatever they want at their one time, , but it’s still largely managable. The thing is that the average Singaporean Poly student is one who will always put tasks to the last minute – whenever they have a chance to do so. So as I come to experience again after chasing my team repeatedly for submissions, all late. Why do anyone wanna do last mintue things? Why not get them all done and enjoy the rest of the holidays? That very much goes hand-in-hand with the saying: “humans are born lazy”.

Yea no mileage this week at all, the lowest so far I think…

Mileage for the week (7 day period)
SP Track & Field Training, Endurance – Tuesday – 6km
SP Gym 3+1 Sets Weight Training – Wednesday
Total Mileage for week = 6km (20.0% of 30km/week target met)



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