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Overhead burning sun ahoy, run and swim.

Actually woke up early in a different tide today, about 8.30am to be exalt. Awoken mainly by my parents who were all over the house before leaving for work in the morning and partly because they turned off the central air-conditioning which makes falling back to sleep a rather miserable sweaty feat.

Usually I will wake up about 12noon this holidays, having ‘lunch” around 3-4pm, but with this new found time comes lots of potential – seeing myself doing a 16.62km morning run followed by a 10x50m lapped recovery swim, then lunch (wow before 2pm!), all within the morning, noon period today which is like whoo! like 30 degrees in the shade? yea but thats what made it interesting- The only kuku running around in the heat today along the canal was only me, but at least noticeably the NEA is doing something about the falling tree matter too – lots of trees are getting “haircuts” in parks these days.

At least I can say a day well spent is one which you don’t bulk sleeping away with. For me, guess using up all your daily physical strength is something worth-wide for the day, now at least I can get to spend the other remaining strength left in me – mental strength doing homework and study for coming tests.

Running Mileage so far this week
Track & Field Poly 50 Training: 20x400km – Tuesday (Not Counted)
Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route: 16.62km – Thursday
Laps 10 Lap Recovery Swim – Thursday
Total Millage for week: 16.62km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 543.13km



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