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Fevers, SGH, Pokes back and school reopens, and some news too!

You may not have not seen me up around here lately besides poking out the occasional shoutbox, the main reason this week is the official Mid-Semester Test week, which remarkably makes various places like Food court 6 a ghost town even during peak lunch beak times, very much a welcome for us people from Engineering who pop close by from the madness of Food court 4.

Moreover, I’ve recovered from a 38.5 fever since yesterday from last Saturday. Presumably just like a regular breakdown and inspection your car may possibly have, otherwise besides extending your meal times with loads of medicine to take thereafter, I guess my body did find a good time to break down during the end of the holidays without much disruptions to my Test and study schedules this week, and besides missing my target of about 40km of runs last week and starting the new term feeling miserable.

Oh yea, did I mention SGH also have this new neat fever section which you get separated from the usual public if you have one? even the slightest fever, and interestingly its like a “fast queue” to the doctor unlike the rest of the public who had to put up with the long queues on more crowded non-fever section. Well it works for me and in timely fashion as well, so if you wanna beat the multi-hour queue to 30mins, get a fever – go run around the block a few times. It’s also kinda funky walking around with a face mask around the foodcourt too, it’s like SARS period reloaded to Dengue period.

The lost of Thaddeus Cheong, the 17 year triathlete who collapsed in a competition this week also sparked a new shock down the Singapore sporting scene, not to mention a regrettable lost. So runners, don’t run if you feel the slightest not-well even if it’s a minor cough, flue or under medication. This is also why I am taking a break from running this week, being under a course antibiotics. You will see something for the 1st time ever 0km of runs this week!

I believe you should know by now that I am running Poly 50 this year. My team name is “Chasing Planes” and if you ask me, it’s a fun team this year free from the shackles of monotonous and recycled names track and field always uses for their Poly 50 teams.

Besides tests in school, noteable upcoming events:
Apple iphone launches in the US today – a 200% overpriced giz no better the functionality of a 2G phone and an ipod rubber banded together.

Singapore and Brunei launch new $20 notes, which actually looks like those old $20 Concorde notes we had before.

Paris Hilton outta jail with interview with Larry King on her ordeal. Wonder what laughs will we get from there.

Singapore bids goodbye to the National Stadium on June 30 with farewell gathering. Well not as if I had already bidded farwell more than enough times already, bring on the new waterfront stadium already!

Transformers the movie launches tomorrow! Woot! surprisingly alot of kids I know do not know what is transformers! its like WHAT? are you from galaxy Zohopia?


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