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NIE Director’s Crazy Run Tomorrow

Well the big run is tomorrow, wish everybody luck in the 12 hour heck of a race challenge from 9pm – 9am. Never would I even see myself running so late past my bedtime too, well besides a possible occasional 24hr Ultra-Marathon or an Ironman.

Generally, to ease competition tensions and fatigue I will generally organise it as an easy-going race. Furthermore as Team Captain, it is so to completely eliminate any possible tensions which could be caused unintentionally by the lack of sleep and triedness of the runners in their most “shag” state. I am not implying that teams are problematic (my team is perfect! wahahah) but just some required precautions so that the race runs very smoothly and fun, after all Team Captains are not super human, so there are limits to what I can do.

Some team assets I will be providing on my side.

  • 1 Box of Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Cereal
  • 18 packets of Activade
  • 2 Party packs of Mini Mars Bars
  • 2 Party packs of M&Ms

Elrick will be bringing Energy drink powder (Glucose /Gatorade shared with team 1), Xiaoqiang Bananas, Zixuan 18 drink packs, Alvin 3 1.5 PET Bottle Drinks, should be waiting for some surprises from Weijian… haha…

Lucky for those who ends lesson early at least you can get some eye shut. For me tomorrow, it will be lessons 10am to 5pm, meet up, dinner, 7pm reporting, 8pm briefing then run for 12hrs starting 9pm without any pre-rest whatsoever. Got to make whats best of sleep I have and can get tonight. And I am actually trying to sleep before 11pm, wow a first in months!

Me thinks it would be more a like run-a-ton chalet than a competitive race… haha anyway even if we didn’t get the top 8 cash prize, we will try our best to beat the other Poly Teams there. Not to mention enjoy ourselves at the same time, it’s for for the friendly good for charity as well. Just hope we will have enough energy to even go for the offical runner’s breakfast gathering after the event… and not fall asleep on the train only to find out you are at Pasir-Ris…

May not dark circles lie on our eyes be the next-next morning…


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