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Moulmein CC X-Country

Moulmein CC X-Country

Well, its raining cats & dogs out now, so I guess I won’t be able to make my morning swim today. With this new found time, Mmm lemme me recap the Moulmein CC X-Country yesterday (27/05/06) at MR. The run covers the 5.3 km route for men’s open & the ladies open, 4.1 km. Overall the racing group is a rather small (with the juniors starting off together & the opens & veterans at their own groups) but a rather managable & leisure one.

There were 10 over marshalls stationed at all the usual strategic locations round the route, so 1st time runners like Adison won’t go running into Subaru Forester SUVs like what he did yesterday near finishing line. The only hiccup is them being unable to unlock the side gates to from the road to the reservoir bridge route which caused quite a jam.

SP track have 3 runners coming in top 20 overall, not bad I say, whats more we won a CD mini-compo & vacuum flask from the lucky draw held after the prize presentation.

Put your Best Foot Out!
Put your Best Foot Out!
Headless Darius
Darius Headchopper!
Ending Group Shot
Ending Group Shot!

😳 Runtime (5.3km) – 23:32

Intially wanted to bring the gang to Annalakshmi for an indian vegetation buffet where you can foot any amount for the bill (literally, as its for charity). But was scrapped due to delays & undecided on the actual head counts needed for reservation. Leading to about 20 of us raiding funan’s basement food junction before doing the same for the Running Lab store on the 3rd floor, which was the highlight of the trip.

Met SGrunner readytorace where he tended & gave advice on the shoes, especially on the DS trainer 11. Guess they were quite shocked to see such a large group entering the store all of a sudden. Whats more SGrunners get 10% off everything storewide! So got myself a Nike Clima-Fit Dry fit cap (1 item off my wishlist) for $18.90 after the discount from $21. Darius got his DS Trainer 11 at 30% off & Zhongyan got his long awaited running shoes at 50% off. 😉 Well, courtesy of the discount lobang I brought & so discreetly have to use “under the counter” lol.

Walked around funan to look for a laptop sleeve for my T4020, but ended up getting nothing due to many shops already closed at 8.30pm on a SATURDAY at funan? Only challenger superstore was open which don’t have anything special either. It was quiet on our way up only to come across a couple, one like 35 year old man hugging another like 20+ year old guy face to face by the walkway side railing. It was like so “wat the? in public…? omg… WTF…?!?” – An expression you can tell similarly sketched on Elrick’s face who was there & passing by at that time too.

Haha enough gayness, anyway, on a lineup… The PC Show will be coming up 1-4th June at Suntec, more details here.

Its exam period (3 Papers & 2 Presentations next week), so won’t be running alot this & the following week. So sorry everyone, have to turn down all your movie requests these weeks, I know MI:3, Da Vinci code, Over the Hedge & X Men 3 are damn nice movies to catch, but can please please please hold till mid June? Maybe on a bright side, our free-passes will be valid then! haha Thanks!

Millege Run Log for the week
Poly 50 training 20x200m, Tuesday – 4km
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training + Threadmill, Thursday – 6.2km
Moulmein CC X-Country, Saturday – 5.3km

Total: Approx 15.5km this week (50% of 30km/week target)

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