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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Shoing Week

Wow, this week is really busy dude, its school with 3 exams papers, 2 projects & 2 presentations to give, just to mention a few. Really really really packed.. duh! Guess I wouldn’t be attending track training this week. Need air to breathe.

  • Tuesday – CADCAM Test, Submission of Product Design Model Project
  • Wednesday – Online Entrepeurship Presentation
  • Thursday – Design Techniques & Skills Test, Product Design Team Presentation
  • Friday – Pro-Engineer Wildfire Test, CADMAC Project Portfolio Submission

If its not school work, its clients pushing for dateline of websites by mid week at work. Brrr!

Plan to celebrate the end of this week with a 10km victory run either on Friday or Saturday as part of my personal training schedule.

At least there’s the PC Show to look forward to this weekend, where I WILL be pampering myself with at least 2Gb of memory goodness, either it’s SD/CF Cards or Thumbdrives which I had been monitoring prices for months. Also another excuse to go impulse buying cus of my recent 20/20 score I got today for my Engineering Maths test.

Next week will be quite empty though, totally in contrast with this week. Marking the start of the 3 week term (summer holidays) break, with a chalet with my old class on the last week! Maybe I might be chilling out with a Scuba diving trip to Aur with my dive buddies too… Cheers!

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