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Events leading up to 2007 National Vertical Marathon

With that in a flash marks the end of the Chinese new year week and into week 3 into my internship, with my Liason officer coming to visit the my workplace the following workweek.

Yusheng Madness
Notable events would be YuSheng with my company on Thursday as Siam kitchen restaurant, at Cousin Gordon’s home (with both our families) and finally yesterday night at home with my family ourselves. So that’s almost one Yusheng every day for 3 consecutive days.

Went down with a little indigestion since yesterday, but that when down quite controllably with some off-the-shelf medication and the discomfort clearing up by evening. I always get bloating or stomach pains quite expectedly whenever I overeat the previous day or have a rich diet of flatulence inducing foods, such as nuts and cucumbers, resulting in some form of discomfort. Guess I have to control my intake or sleep with a full warm body in air conditioning to keep my “Qi” in. But that didn’t pretty much stop me from running the National Vertical Marathon today, contrary to possibility seeing myself skipping it this year with my given condition.

Murphy Law in Effect
Amazing despite yesterday’s discomfort, woke up this morning feeling much better and raring to run. But it seems that everything is against into running the event today or a typical case of the Murphy law in full effect- From yesterday’s indigestion to the morning alarm falling to ring (Thanks to my friend who woke me up through phone) to dad’s car breaking down at 6am in the dark morning on our way there to the venue at Republic Plaza (RP) – A typical case of a dead battery when the lights were accidentally left on overnight. It was so bad even the car alarm and central locking was not working. Despite able to push start the car it struggled even at the slightest incline prompting the need to drive the car back halfway while I commuted the rest of the journey to Raffles on MRT. That’s should be enough encounters for one day.

National Vertical Marathon 2007
Met up Ahlong, Elrick and Andre at Raffles MRT this morning for registrations, being only 6mins late despite all the mess ups. Also chanced upon Lonely Runner and rest of the SGRunners before my event and even the H5N1 Chicken guy on my way up around the finishing line at the top floor (who had to do like countless runs up the last flight of steps for a perfect media picture). I didn’t push for a good timing given my bad condition the last few days, prompting about 12mins overall time for the 60 floors up Singapore’s Tallest building, just a little longer than what I did for Swissotel’s 73 floors. Elrick and Ahlong did about 11mins and Andre about 13mins if I remembered. The goodie bag was quite wholesome with various tidbits, pasta and rather readable magazines of interest now, even the event Shirt is dry-fit this year. Left the event shortly thereafter to Delta Swimming complex my planned post vertical marathon 1hour continuous recovery swim.

Dad was repairing the car when I came back at Noon and my appetite found it’s way back me again! Lunch was on mum and it was great!

Mileage for the week (7 day period)
Tuesday – Tiong Bahru Park – 15 rounds (15km)
Wednesday – Tiong Bahru Park – 16 revised-rounds (18km)
Sunday Morning – National Vertical Marathon, Republic Plaza 60 Floors
Sunday Noon – 1 Hour Continuous swim 50m laps for 60mins
Total Running Mileage for 1 week: 33km
Total Accumulative Mileage for 2007: 115km


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