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Car and Fuso Pancakes

After a breakdown last week, being fixed with a new solenoid our family car was up and running again, bringing my family for a hearty dinner yesterday at Goldenmile and safely back home. Glad to see it back and and running again. Little do I know it was short lived – received a call today in office from mum that our car had involved in an accident. Dad was having it during this work time and apparently it was rammed while parked by a prime mover which rolled down (brakes had failed). The first thing which flashed through my mind when I first heard “accident” was possible causality and injuries, driven by disbelief that Dad has always been a very safe driver with a rather spick and span driving record as my knowledge served me. Later do I know that it did not happen on the roads but rather, while the car was still parked. An accident at 0 kph, even with the parking brake on? Belief it.

As mentioned it was rear ended by a prime mover truck within my dad’s workplace which rolled down an incline after it’s “so called” brakes failed. The car really took some damage after being rammed from the back and pushed over a small monsoon drain with tons of pure Mitsubishi Fuso Trailer mass planted firmly into it’s back boot. So basically it’s reared-ended, pushed from the parking lot and smack in the face into over the drain, even the sedan is so “pancaked” it looks like a hatch now. Amazingly as claimed by Dad, the car can still be started, with the exception of too much fender in the way so it can’t be driven and have to be towed to the workshop. Great thing everything was ok and no one was hurt. I am really blessed that no one was hurt.

Linked up with my parents during dinner to discuss about the issue, especially insurance matters and things, apparently repairs could take weeks. Even if insurance were to be written off, strangely, many workshops are willing to buy over the car maybe as the engine is still all working, only just a body job, so don’t be con-ed by these workshop people. I always have a soft spot for that car considering it’s my first driven car. Now our poor little car is sitting beaten up in a dark carpark before it can be towed for repairs tomorrow.


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