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Little Caesars Pizza Funan

Little Caesars Pizza is an American dine-in and takeaway pizza restaurant. They have a branch located at the ground floor of Funan the IT mall. I had heard a fair bit of their trademarked cheesy pizza to pop down for a try. Let’s see what’s on offer.

Apparently the first little Caesar opened in Garden little Michigan on 1959, before becoming and international; chain in 1969. Also, the pizza scene since then had gotten a fair bit more crowded, with Dominos and Pizza hut being the main players and Canadian 2 for 1 being a household staple for full-on-the-cheap. Hence Little Caesars have plenty to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The ordering counter at Little Caesars Funan
The ordering counter at Little Caesars Pizza Funan.

A cozy pizza joint

Being a pizza joint. The outlet offers both dine-in and takeaway options. A typical dine-in at Little Caesars Pizza Funan is usually involves packing into a rather small dining area, which is made smaller given the covid-19 safe-distancing measures. Still it does not put a dent on the demand for pizzas here.

Spread of pizzas
The spread of a Duo meal.

In addition, Little Caesars touts that their 12 inch pizzas are made with 100% mozzarella and muenster cheese topped with sauce form vine-ripened tomatoes. Also, their pizza dough is made in-house everyday. Also, 12 inch is a good size and enough for at least 2 pax for a filling dinner.

Little Caesars pepperoni Pizza
You can’t go wrong with plain ‘ol pepperoni!

Additionally, a large pizza starts from $7, and up to $13 each for a regular premium topping range, such as Meat treat (like meat lovers), Supreme, Hawaiian and veggie. Their $7 range comprises of tried and tested pepperoni and cheese basic pizza. Also, adding $4.50 makes and regular pizza into a stuffed crust. Notably, this puts Little Casears at a price range about half that Canadian and Dominos pizzas, which typically has 2 pizzas in the $20 range. This reduces the competition’s 2-for-1 selling point.

Little Caesars Hawaiian pizza
Hawaiian pizza is a favorite staple and pizza classic served here at Little Caesars

I had a go at their Caesar’s Duo meal, which could feed about 3-4 pax a go. It comprises of two large pizzas and cheese bread side. There is also an alternative option for drinks and bread sticks instead of cheese bread. Cheese bread served in a small side box. It is tad like a basic pizza without any added toppings.

Thick, chewy, cheesy

Moreover, I found their take on the traditional Hawaiian pizza is a rather good one. The crust is thick, chewy and fluffy. A delight if chewy thick crusts are much to your liking. Their pizzas are loaded with cheese.

Little Caesars are really cheesy, in a good way
Little Caesars Pizza are really cheesy, in a good way!

Additionally, menu selections include Party packs at $65 for groups over 6 pax and Pair meals starting from $20 to $35. Their duo combo set you back $20 with a large specialty Pizza, and a large Classic pizza, wrapping it up with a choice of sides (e.g. drumlets or garlic bread) and 1.5l drink. Also, peculiar are square pizzas and their slices and stix, which is technically a hybrid Frankenstein pizza with multiple flavour parts in one.

Peculiar pizza bread, tad like a very cheesy toast bread, best eaten as a side
Peculiar pizza bread, tad like a very cheesy toast bread, best eaten as a side.

Moreover, it is interesting to note that Funan is not their only branch here. The joint has 5 branches all about Singapore with this including outlets at Holland village, Junction nine, Singpost center at Tampiness and Thompson, with commendably free island wide delivery.

2 large and cheesy bread box size for comparison
2 large and cheesy bread box size for comparison.

All in all, Little Caesars Pizza branch at Funan IT mall is a good refreshing welcome in the rather crowded pizza market. It is refreshing in its own way. Good value and great tasting freshly-made large pizzas which is definitely able to fill anyone up in a jiffy, American-style.


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Little Caesars Pizza Funan Locality Map

Funan Mall, 107 North Bridge Rd, #01-18,
Singapore 179105
Opening Hours: 11am– 10pm daily


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