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Uncle Penyet Ayam Penyet

Uncle Penyet’s Ayam Penyet is a heartland Ayam Penyet franchise found in multiple locations around Singapore serving authentic incarnations of the Malay favorite and staple dish. The chain has a number of stores all around Singapore. With branches at Lower Kent Ridge Rd, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Upper Serangoon and Bukit Merah.

The full works of Ayam Penyet with Bakso soup ($9.50)
The full works of Ayam Penyet with Bakso soup ($9.50).

Go for their Ayam Penyet

Their menu offerings has quite a variety, with over 14 options including Nasi Lemak and Curry chicken . I would recommend their Crispy fried Ayam Penyet, as your main dish selection or when undecided, you can’t go wrong with it. Also, I would recommend garnishing your rice with light dousings of curry sauce.

Ayam Penyet set $6.80. The chicken is really crispy
Ayam Penyet set $6.80. The chicken is really crispy.

Origins of the Penyet

Furthermore, Uncle Penyet is directly translated to “smashed chicken” in the Malay language. Also, this makes the chicken easier to eat with the traditional way of eating with bare hands and fingers.

Uncle Penyet Ayam Penyet store front
Uncle Penyet Ayam Penyet store front and menu options.

Additionally, the Ayam Penyet dish originated derived from the city of Surabaya in East Java, Indonesia. So, it got its name from sambal tempe penyet.

Great quality ayam

I found the Ayam penyet priced at $6.50 is on the high side for hawker-coffee shop Ayam penyet. It typically costs under the $5 range. Also, comparatively, $6.50 for a base dish is the price you expect to pay for similar offerings in air-conditioned mall food courts.

Still, Uncle penyet makes up for this with great consistent food quality, which give a consolation and makes the higher than normal asking price more justifiable.

A wholesome meal

The chicken is crispy fried chicken thigh. It is served with cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices. They are crunchy and rather fresh. I found their chicken leg also pretty generous in size. The portions is sizable indeed. Also, you get a fried Tofu piece as an additional condiment included in your meal.

In addition, the fried tempe is also pressed into a dish of sambal. Moreover, this serving process separates the chicken meat from the bone, as part of a “deboning process” as well as allowing you to break up the crispy coat of batter into separate pieces for consumption. The dish is fine, but it’s richness is not something I would eat everyday.

Great for all levels

Moreover, fret not if you cannot tolerate spicy food. The dish itself is not spicy where the spiciness level can be controlled but varying your side chilli and curry levels. Furthermore, interestingly, your dine-in meal is served in disposable paper cardboard bowls for your main course and soup bowls. The bowls are even printed in colour livery.

Cardboard bowl
Bakso Beefball soup
Sambal chilli

Speaking of the chilli. An essential item in Ayam penyet is the sambal chilli. I found their chilli thick, consistent yet sweet without being overly spicy. Of course if you so wish, you can simply add more for a more fiery dining experience.

Other menu options

Also, on top of their regular Ayam penyet, you also have selections of crispy dory fish fillet set ($6.80) and fried duck (Nasi Bedek Penyet duck), and cheaper fried prawn ($5.80 Nasi Udang Penyet prawn) too.

The Beefball soup by itself cost $3.80
The Beefball soup by itself cost $3.80.

Additionally, if you are hungry and want something more filling, you can option to have your Ayam Penyet served with a side bowl of beef meatballs ($8.50 set). Also, the soup is clear and provides a good accompaniment.

Uncle Ayam Penyet fancy store front
Uncle Ayam Penyet fancy store front.

All in all, Uncle Penyet offerings are true to what a modern take of a traditional Ayam Penyet would be, with their signature crispy smashed chicken thigh. But still, it won’t be something I would eat everyday, but great for days where you would just love to pamper yourself. Check them out in various locations all around Singapore.


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Uncle Penyet Ayam Penyet Locality Map

116 Bukit Merah View,
Kimly Coffeeshop, Unit #01-253
Singapore 151116.
Opening Hours: 7:30am to 8:30pm daily


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