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Huating Restaurant Chef Lap Fei course dinner Orchard hotel

Hua Ting Restaurant is an upmarket Chinese restaurant located in Orchard Road. You might remember Orchard hotel for their international buffet we visited previously, known for their Boston lobsters and similarly run by the Grand Copthorne hotel group. Let’s check out their oriental Huating restaurant offerings with a dine in today.

Hua Ting restaurant dining area
Huating restaurant main dining area on the second floor of Orchard Hotel.

Moreover, Hua Ting restaurant is located at the second floor of the Orchard hotel tucked on the near outskirts of the shopping district. Moreover, the am looking at is Hua Ting’s 8 course meal is brought to you by their award winning in-house Chef Lap Fei. This culinary spectacle is served via split shift from 11.30am to 2:30pm for lunch time duration, and 6 to 10pm for dinner slots.

Welcome to Hua ting
Table setting
Hotel lobby

A curated 8 course

Let’s get on with the servings. Furthermore, for starters is a platter of an assortment of cold items. Items includes Chilled Asparagus Lettuce, Enoki Mushroom, Truffle, stuffed bean curd, crab Roe, smoked duck and hand roll.

Huating Restaurant appetizer with Chilled Asparagus Lettuce, Enoki Mushroom, Truffle, stuffed bean curd, crab Roe, smoked duck and hand roll
Appetizer with Chilled Asparagus Lettuce, Enoki Mushroom, Truffle, stuffed bean curd, crab Roe, smoked duck and hand roll.

The best item here would be the smoked duck roll, it is pre-wrapped and loaded with juicy sauce and tender duck meat. The stuffed bean curd and lettuce does seem rather out of place, but still completes the appetizer and first course.

Bird nest soup, a great alternative to Shark's Fin
Bird nest soup, a great alternative to Shark’s Fin.

Additionally, the move to more sustainable soup options (instead of shark’s fin) includes Braised bird nest with egg white. The soup has an eggy texture and is stewed together with chicken stock. It brings about a rather rich tasty broth which is surprisingly clear and smooth to the throat.

A seafood focus

A number of dishes have a seafood focus. One is their Wok-fired scallops, asparagus with homemade X.O sauces. It is tad a puny dish which would probably disappoint on quantity gluttons like myself, but pleases in terms of the flavour and taste of the dish. The asparagus is crunchy and is lightly fried with seasoned chilli giving it a small punch in taste.

Wok-fired scallops, asparagus greens with homemade X.O sauces
Wok-fired scallops, asparagus greens with homemade X.O sauces.

Also, the same can be also said for their next dish, the Pan-fired halibut fillet and soy sauce. The fish is lightly seared on one side while creamy and juicy on the inside. Interestingly, it comes with a leafy green leaf which surprisingly fresh and therapeutically crunchy. Not with the guilt that you are eating the dish decoration.

Pan-fired halibut fish fillet
Pan-fired halibut fish fillet, it is quite a joyful dish with interesting crunchy greens.

In addition, eye catching and quality dishes includes their South African abalone and wild mushrooms. It sits on top of a bed of stuffed bean curd gluten. It is one of the nicest looking dishes and the abalone is chewy and infused with an adequate amount of sauce without being too overwhelming. Also, the abalone is thick yet chewy

It is fine dining after all

Wrapping up your main dishes is their Stewed noodles with Boston lobster. These small lobsters are a recognisable trademark in Grand Copthorne hotel group restaurants, such as the Food Capital at Riverside. This dish is also a noodle dish which is tad underwhelming if you are expecting more vegetables than noodles. But that is what you get with course-menu fine dining.

Huating Restaurant Mini lobsters with stewed noodles. It's tiny
Mini lobsters with stewed noodles. It’s tiny, and so is fine dining!

The last 2 courses are merged into a dessert dish comprising of Chilled Guava and Chilled Hibiscus Jelly and red bean pastry. It is served together on an elongated dessert plate. The Hibiscus Jelly and red bean desserts are hand-made with the pastry still warm when served on a long plate.

Huating Restaurant multi desserts dish with pastries and a guava drink
Huating multi desserts dish with pastries and a guava drink.

Also, the chilled guava is more of a thick jelly drink with cubes of fruit like soursop papaya within. I was expecting bit more for the dessert, like bowls of sweet jelly or red bean, but I guess this is a different take on traditional Chinese desserts.

Best dined with 1-1 specials

This 8 course set meal at Hua Ting Restaurant costs $108 per person. I will strongly recommend to dine using 1-1 offers which the frequently restaurant runs in partnership with several local banks. With a 1-1 discount, henceforth, we are looking at a value offering of about $60 per head for this 8 course meal which is pretty good value for the quality and service offered. It is definitely one of the more affordable offerings here in the restaurant.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Huating is a fine restaurant offering rather great quality fine-dining with a good ambience to boot, and when paired with dining deals offers an irresistible value offering with quality which is hard to beat.


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Huating Restaurant Locality Map

Orchard Hotel Singapore,
Level 2, 442 Orchard Rd,
Singapore 238879
Opening Hours daily: 11:30am- 10:00pm


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