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Famous Treasures restaurant Capitol

Today, lets take a lunch dine in at the Famous treasures Chinese restaurant at the Capitol shopping complex along Stamford Road. The fine dining restaurant specialises in the Nanyang fare cuisine offering a menu fusion from Teochew, Hokkien and Cantonese cultures.

Famous Treasures restaurant front entrance
Famous Treasures restaurant front entrance.

Moreover, Famous Treasure is situated just off city hall on the second floor of the Capitol. Their menu options revolve about a combination of al-la crate or set meal dishes you can pick off the menu, with the latter good small groups below 4 costing about the $350 range.

Additionally, if you have a larger table, a larger set course meal does bring about additional value and is cheaper than ordering individual dishes. Also, though these can be typically priced about $100 per head.

Starting off, their Sichuan hot and spicy soup is a good appetizer, it is not too spicy and does bring out the best of the uniquely Chongqing. Also, their Duo combination platter comprising of Deep-Fried Pork Belly With fermented beancurd is a good way to start your meal.

Famous treasure appetizer duo combination platter
Famous treasure appetizer duo combination platter.

Try their Vermicelli Lobster

Furthermore, recommended dishes here includes their great lobster, you get generous serving of lobster to go with your meal. A dish I particularly liked is their Wok fried local lobster with black truffle sauce. Their lobster rates are seasonable and typically priced at about $100 for 500g.

One of their best and flavorful dishes- Braised rice vermicelli with local lobster and leek
One of their best and flavorful dishes- Braised rice vermicelli with local lobster and leek.

Additionally, it is an interesting take which is otherwise a lobster dish served by itself without accompaniment. Also, I found the lobster pairing with vermicelli bee hoon a nice touch and the gravy does bring out the taste of the lobster which flesh is incredibly crunchy and fresh.

Roasted Irish sliver hill duck
Roasted Irish sliver hill duck.

Moreover, roasted Irish sliver hill duck is flavorful, with a thinly marinated skin full of flavorful. Though it can be tad be on the oily side for most people.

Quality Nanyang fare cuisine

Also, in addition to their duck, their Volcano chicken ($68) is one of their few quirky, yet interesting dishes due to the presentation. You get a chicken skewered through a metal spike and set alight on a display plate. Also, it does make for quite a pre-dish spectacle.

Volcano chicken

A pleasant dish be their wok fired cod fish. An inconspicuous dish served stir fried with honey bean with preserved olives. It is a potpourri of flavour though could do better with more portions.

Wok fired cod fish and honey bean with preserved olives
Wok fired cod fish and honey bean with preserved olives.

Also, if you require something less fried, their boiled herbal Chicken is one to go for. On top of the double boiled chicken soup, each dinner also gets a generous serving of chicken in individual bowls. The soup is also flavored with peach essence and morel mushroom, giving it a light herbal taste.

Double boiled chicken soup with peach essence and morel mushroom
Double boiled chicken soup with peach essence and morel mushroom.

Also, food is promptly served by attentive staff, who can be seen always whisking around between tables. In addition, the staff also pays attention to little details like provision of washing bowls, gloves or tools if you have to deal with crabs or lobsters.

Double boiled chicken soup
Mock sharks fin
Service details

Wrapping up, a dessert selection to go for is their mashed taro with ginko nuts and pumpkin. It is a gluey sweet dessert to end your meal sweet-mouthed, and in a very typical Chinese way.

Mashed taro with ginko nuts and pumpkin
Mashed taro with ginko nuts and pumpkin.

Expect a price premium

Moreover, do expect to pay a premium dining here at Famous treasures. Their offerings are priced at a competitive pricing typically found in upmarket Chinese restaurant. The pricing is rather steep, a 10 person set meals costing from about $80-100 per head is quite the market rate here. Also, with the asking price, I am pleased to say that their food is of good quality, having tad a “Hai di lao” factor where patrons do not mind paying abit more for good food.

Though the restaurant occasionally run pretty heavily discounted meals with discount going 30 to 50% off the sticker price. Also, you can occasionally find affordable set meals for under $20 a person, especially during lunch times.

Seating is offered in large round tables able to sit up to groups of 10. Also, the establishment is notably packed on weekends with mostly a full house and reservations needed. Hence, a free table reservation is recommended, also to make your dining experience as painless as possible.

All in all, I throughout enjoyed myself dining there. Famous treasures Chinese restaurant, a good blend of value and quality, though do expect to pay a premium for the food here.


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Famous Treasure Capitol Locality Map

Famous treasure
13 Stamford Rd, #02-28 Capitol Singapore,
Singapore 178905
Opening Hours: 11:30am- 3pm, 6- 10:30pm


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