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Run progress

5mins 50s for 1.5km road relay & 9mins 32s on a 2.okm leisure run, these are my current training timings for the armour route relay (ARR) coming 13th May 05. The 1.5km saw a lag of 5s from my previous 5mins 45s. ARR is an event where various army armour formations compete each other on Baton based relays 1.5km per runner. My team had been training for few months now & its about 1 more month till the event. Would see to that, together with further improvement of timings! Just so addicted to running now, guess I should go into cross country or track & field in college or so. Just like most runners, I am aiming to bring my BMI to 20 from 21+ presently, more lean muscle + less fat = faster speed + lower timings due to lower weight resistance.

& hey on a different note, I am going for a holiday! It had been about 2 years + since I’ve gone oveaseas though. Sad life in the army. Not to mention the pile of paperwork one have to go though to do so- gotta renew passport, apply oveaseas leave, apply for exit permit lah… boring… So come 29th April to 2nd May I would be in Genting & KL, Malaysia, not the best of destinations though, but the last time I’ve been to Genting/KL was ummm, in primary school? Would like to see how greatly things have changed there now. Interesting spots would be the Genting theme park itself, both indoor & outdoor, not to mention the new shopping centers. I would be staying in Berjaya TimesSquare in KL on the 2nd phase of the tour, spotting an indoor theme park & coaster… whee would see myself bombarding myself with endless loops on the coasters with my camera, coaster cam here we go!


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