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Remaking Sentosa attractions project (Ideas submitted on 1999-2000)

Update (July 2009):

Well there had been alot of happenings since I’ve last revisited these ideas for remaking Sentosa. Prior to these submitted ideas, the island is more of less, well just an island with the closure of the fantastic Fantasy island water theme park and the Asian village.

Few developments we see in place currently are the trans-island monorail, the observation tower and the tram rides- ideas submitted from my side at that time. Other than that we do see a Hydro park development at the beach front for surfers as well. Other unrelated ideas will include the lunge ride and the chair lifts.

The great news is that with universal setting up shop on the island now, much of the roller coaster and theme park elements were all considered. Finally Singapore can have a decent roller coaster we can call our own. First off with the dueling Vekoma coasters! Wonder will we be getting Arrows or intamin coasters in, they really rock much better!

Update (July 2002)

I’ve contacted and emailed Sentosa developments on the idea. They thanked and reassured me on the ideas submitted for Sentosa’s redevelopment. But so far there are no says or plans announced. Oh well, its just a matter of time I think.

Well, if you see any new attractions shown here sprouting up in Sentosa, at least you know where it came from!

Concepts (Sent 1999)

I love theme parks & they all have one thing, to satisfy your hunger for thrill and excitement. The thing is that many exciting and trilling rides are not available in Singapore (except for the all too occasional Europe funfairs) Why not have one major theme park right here in Singapore? Designed and built by us here for our people and the world to enjoy! And since Sentosa is currently going on a major overhaul of attractions, why not provide some ideas to aid development? Thats why, my current personal project is that of remaking and redesigning Singapore’s one and only Sentosa. In this sub-section, you will see what ideas, concept art I have for the redevelopment of Sentosa, I personally call ‘Sentosa World’. Ideas here are drawn, built up and accumulated over time. And hopefully one day, Sentosa development corporation would buy my design ideas…

The following are sections (or worlds) in the sentosa world adventure theme park where people can purchase a single day passport to have unlimited rides in the large park for a day or they can choose to have a two day pass, or even a multiday pass with overnight stays in Rasa sentosa. Scroll down to see the various sections (coaster falls, hydro arena, speed freaks and more!)

Personal Ideas currently on work:

  • Flume ride for Hydro Arena
  • Virtual Coaster theaters (mass simulator) for Coaster falls
  • Modern concept ferris wheel for All around rides
  • Viking ship for Hydro Arena
  • High velocity coaster for Coaster falls
  • Slide show cum ride (layout similar to that of the Singapore Story at suntec) for All around rides
  • Crash arena, Bumper cars for All around rides
  • Highlander, High-Intensity coaster (With multiple loops, corkscrews, boomerangs & barrel rolls) for Coaster falls
  • Creeps of the abyss, indoor roller coaster for Coaster falls

Submitted proposed sectors/attractions

Coaster Falls & Hydro Arena (Waterfall theming)

Type: Inverted Coaster

Ride: The Falls 
Type: CorkScrew Roller Coaster

Ride: NA
Hydro Arena Volcano Beach WaterPark

Speed Freaks (For dizzying speed demons)

Ride: Go Karts
Type: Racing thrill ride

Ride: Terror tower
Type: Free fall ride

Ride: The Chopper

Type:3D rotation thrill ride

Transport and all Rounder Rides (Park transport and for the old, young & those between)

Ride: Sentosa Tram tours
Type: Tram tour ride

Ride: Sentosa Monorail
Type: Monorail train track system

Ride: Observatory Tower
Double storey roataing observatory


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