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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Well, its a nice sunny sunday, unlike the last few, wet ones.. lolz

Anyway, Big Thanks all going out to those who sent in chinese new year greetings, from friends, relatives alike, in paper (physically) and digitally. They are all very nice, got to really find a place too actually store all of them for display.. 🙂
Also, on mail, received an unusual snail mail from NTU today, first time I am getting such a large post from them. Unlike NUS, (who always play hard to get) they are actually, kinda kind in including their latest university admissions and a nanyang scholarship form. Will be looking through it, (though I don’t fancy scholarships) *duh*

And oh yea, before I forget: Tei, Spunky_Wolf and Katanya, I’ve got your art requests (draw your character, draw a werewolf and a ninja respectively). Will be working on it quite soon.

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