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The last day of the term to end

Wolfson Lee Library

Today is the last day of term! Two months of back to back hectic lectures, supervisions and lab, all over! well for 6 weeks of term break at least. And whoa was it hectic. Quite notably, the pace of classes going on here in the department are so fast it can be compared to almost a half a semester of teaching (5-6 months) in the polytechnic all covered over a span less than 2 months!

It’s remarkable, yet something I am glad I survived even after spending sometime out from studying. In stark comparison, even friends I know in other universities are not that pressed, with still much bumming around even after the first week of term. Maybe it’s just something about the demands of Cambridge which is as synonymous with it’s name.

Christmas get-together
There are quite alot of end term events on these days. There was a Christmas pot luck organsied by the Cambridge CCCJ this evening at the halls, well it’s not really much of a pot luck anyway with home-cooked buffet style serving of dinner, dessert, followed by some acts, performances and lots of Christmas carols throughout the night. It’s the season to be jolly!

Christmas get-together dinner
Christmas get-together dinner
Performance Skit
Performance Skit
Singing christmas carols
Singing christmas carols

With so much free time now comes great responsibility to use it. Man it’s almost like the weekends I look forward to at the end of every week, it that it’s happening everyday now, whee!


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