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Start of the Cambridge student diaries

I noticed the obvious lack of updates here on the site for quite sometime. Don’t worry I am not dead. But pretty much caught on other forms of work, travel which kept me away from my computer at time. My move to microblogging on twitter also placed me on a different light for update on this site too.

So time and again, I do not have time to actually update my blog (gosh I am THAT busy?) in ages, it’s real hard to balance work, training, creating a new Cambridge-university exclusive social network website and keep track on what I actually do in my day to day activities and blog down the interesting bits.

I send emails regularly to my family, updating on key moments and interesting things I do worth noting, so that can provide a good indicator of what I can actually note down on this site’s blog. Well, provided if you are actually interested in reading my mediocre rambles and happenings of life, that might float your boat.

So I guess, rather than trying to do dated blog posts with memories vaguely supplemented with contents dug off my Outlook “sent folder”, I will be posting excerpts of this email on my post as an update of what I am doing now to my readers.

The student diaries, so it will be.


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