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Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Rediscovering SAT and my NBL local library! Whoa they have flippy book thingies?

In this age of the internet, anything (literally) is almost a Google away. I always had the impression that you can always find anything you want on the net, let be research stuffs, etc,...

Crossroads- shortlisted for DSTA interview, Stanford university is impressive!

Submitted the remainder of my NUS application yesterday together with my global scholarship application, but I have not accepted their offer yet as I needed sometime to fully consider my other options till the...

Got my DSTA scholarship interview date!

Looks like important letters are all coming into my mailbox back-to-back! Received an official letter yesterday (Saturday) from DSTA informing me of my scholarship preliminary interview the morning of 24th of march, this will...

Umm I’ve received my 2008 NUS admission results already, and I am in!

With the 'A' level results just out last week, it's busy busy busy now, with applications to scholarships, sending of letters and verifications. Not to mention having to pop by school to get my...

Crossroads, my chosen undergraduate education – Overseas scholarship with DSTA

Was around NUS last week to submit my application, my 3rd time in fact. Only this time I wasn't as anxious about it as what I did many years back, having been rejected 2...

Double Degree?

:oops: Woke up at 11.30am today where mum had breakfast waiting for me. Obviously she had been waiting for me to wake up as we could check out the Australia university options there. Caught...


Haha, my results are not that good. But passed everything, so distrupting NS and retaking the A levels again at school is completely out of the question. Maybe I am hoping for a degree...

Well, its a nice sunny sunday, unlike the last few, wet ones.. lolz

Anyway, Big Thanks all going out to those who sent in chinese new year greetings, from friends, relatives alike, in paper (physically) and digitally. They are all very nice, got to really find a...

Education scene

Had the SAT I reasoning test this morning.. and yup, it was relatively easy compared to the last time I took it. Didn't studied for it as usual, partly because I don't have the...

Chilling at Beyond Villa Phuket

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Stockholm Vasa Museum

Coco Curry Ichibanya

Stockholm Millesgarden

Ikea Julbord Christmas Buffet Dinner


Burgers at Citrus By The Pool Woodlands

Citrus By The Pool Woodlands is a chill halal western dine-in restaurant in Woodlands, Singapore. The establishment offers a selection of Western and Italian...

Pink Fish Changi Jewel

Don Don Donki JEM store

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