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Greenpower, building our race car

Arsenal at our disposal.

It’s the start of the easter term break and no what other better way to start it but getting all engrossed in building an electric racing car to compete in Greenpower. Greenpower is an annual racing event organised by the Institution of mechanical engineers (iMechE). It electric car racing for schools, colleges, apprentices and youth groups. colleges, apprentices and youth groups. The event goes in the aims of IMechE Greenpower- To promote engineering and technology as exciting careers.

There are few categories for racing, namely the formula 24 and corporate challenges, where manufacturer teams such as Ford & Jaguar LandRover get to compete as well. Schools can either design and build their own cars or use customised kits to compete in regional endurance heats using standard motors and batteries. The final race at Goodwood lasts 4 hours and is an exciting event with 75 finalists competing.

Our team managed to get a workshop out of Cambridge to work in, the car was literally built from scratch, starting today with nothing but some newly procured 1.25mm mild steel tubes, a band saw and a mig welder. That pretty got all 3 of us busy with lots of cutting, grinding and welding- literally getting our hands dirty.

Welds on spot!
Welds on spot!
Vroom vroom!
Vroom vroom!

With packed lunch and lots of coffee (we had to wake up early to travel over 2 hours to get to our workshop) to keep us going, surprisingly we all managed to get our chassis space frame up in one day! There will still be much done tomorrow, namely getting all the other fine bits done up, welded installing the drive train and steering for the car.

Next week will come to real messy (& choking part) of dealing with fiberglass and carbon-fiber for the car body shell, part of the aerodynamic works planned for the 2nd phase of the race car build.

Hope all goes well!


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