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Had the SAT I reasoning test this morning.. and yup, it was relatively easy compared to the last time I took it. Didn’t studied for it as usual, partly because I don’t have the self control to sit down and actually make myself study. Moreover, partly too its a reasoning test- it is supposed to gauge your reasoning abilities, you can’t study for it! Well.. unlike most Kiasu (scared to lose) people in here which I obviously detest…. Anyway, for me, its the results in the end which have the final say.. coming in two weeks too *glup*

Talking bout this, many things had been going on the education system overseas. To end route learning, the SAT will too be revamped (as anticipated by many). And yea.. Britain is gonna scrap the ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels due to the complications and problems faced last, good they do so too. But Singapore is still kinda shortsighted and carrying on with the old system. If you’ve read today’s papers, the reason they gaveis “the lack of diversity the people here have” Man! Blame it on the people!

Anyway… yea. dude! If Singapore were to dump the Os and As… END with route learning and the dreaded Ten-Year-Series assessments, up and on to thinking & creativity- thats my kind of learning. *DUH!*

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