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College chill out!

Chill out night

There are quite alot happening around college, chill out sessions, welcome parties, ice-breaker sessions, speed meeting sessions, performances, talks you name it. And that is not just limited to events here but around town as well. The freshers events are the highlight for this time of the year, with the seniors getting to know all the juniors as well. There is just plenty to go around, sometimes you do not know what you are signing yourself up for as well!

Getting social here is not very much like what we do at home. Pubs and drinking is a way of life here, as synonymous as a gathering in a hawker center or a coffee shop for starters. Wanna meet? Pub! Watch soccer? Pub! Moreover, clubbing here is more open in nature and have better atmosphere and mixes compared to that I know that the clubs back in Singapore, even by local DJs around town. The club culture back home is almost nothing compared to that here and I still have yet to experience the best clubs in the Country.

Few of my favorites regular show segments here will have to be the stand up comedy, Wolfson howler. It’s usually pure crude humor delivered in a way you least expect it, it makes you laugh without questioning much of of Morales anyway, a show worth catching on their regular tours round Cambridge and is usually a full house whenever there is a show.

Wolfson Howler
Wolfson Howler
Club? Umm Night Dance!
Club? Umm Night Dance!
Bwarr da hands!
Bwarr da hands!

With the weather getting colder now, things are still very much heating up not only on the fun side but the in classes as well- everything is starting to go full steam, but at least there is still time for games and play as well!



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