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Cambridgeshire bus commute video

Traveling is quite a a big part of life in the UK, it’s also a way of life. Simple short trips can easily go for hours on end. Time where you can just prep your day with some coffee, a good book, your music player or a fully charged laptop and embark on your journey on the bus for the day. You can meet strangers on the way where the offerings of a good chat or two won’t be long fetched either. The same can’t be said for the bus waiting times either- 30 minute wait for a bus is considered alright in the UK, considering most commuter buses travel at least hundreds of kilometers easily at a go per trip. This is in stark contrast to those we experience in Singapore, with even people complaining when waiting times go longer than 10 minutes.

Though arguably, with Singapore’s smaller size, a tighter timetable is within realistic requirements, but with that too comes the increased expectations as well, not to mention complaints of long waiting times. I guess Singaporeans will always be a spoilt bunch. On the other end of the spectrum, if you try going round the rural roads of India as a hitchhiker, so as I learnt through few episodes of lonely planet with Ian, things are really far worst off, not to mention thrilling as well.

So for those in Singapore, how is a commute around Cambridge like? The following is a video of how a typical bus commute, sped up by a factor of 2 with journey through towns, motorways and country sides (aka B roads).


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