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An un-conditional offer from Cambridge University!

Shaun's Cambridge Offer 2009

There was something rather interesting in the mail today. A nice thick white plain envelope addressed from the University of Cambridge identified via a faint stamp on the corner, nothing fancy, but an avenue of anxiety- The time is right at it is this period of the year where admission results are announced, this will definitely be the result of my university application.

I remembered receiving admission rejection letters from NUS and NTU before- they are simply small and skimpily thin “cannot be bothered” letters of pain and sorrow. So this “package” packed quite some punch, so there must be some weight to it, not to mention a calming reassurance of something not just “a rejection letter”.

So I sat down with the envelope in front of me and opened it. To my amazement, right at the top of the pile was a letter stating that I’ve been offered unconditionally to do my undergraduate course and masters in Cambridge University. Whoa! Packed inside are several questionnaire papers and college information leaflets for freshmen as well as internal scholarship application forms.

There is a financial condition however, which I have to provide acceptable evidence that my scholarship provider is indeed genuine and able to meet all the fees of the course. So I guess I will have to refer that to them then.

I cannot believe I’ve got into Cambridge purely on my own ability! I’ve made it! Cambridge 2009 here I come!


  1. hey, i’m going to cambridge too, this year! hughes hall college, EEE.
    which college are you headed?

  2. Hi Shaun,

    wish you all the best to your un-conditional offer! I have read your blog before I went for an interview at Cambridge myself and I have to say that it has been really comforting to hear that the interview was enjoyable for you! In fact, it was a brilliant experience for me too…however, I was not as lucky as you to receive an un-conditional, but I think I will manage to satisfy the conditions given to me…so hopefully see you around the Engineering department or during the freshers week in autumn. All the best, Tomas, Czech Republic…

  3. Hey, I will go to the UK this year. I want to apply to Cambridge Uni , too. I want to learn economics and I’ll finish my A-Level course in 1 year to apply at this October. I really hope that you can give me some advices about which college I should choose and example questions about economics (like IQ Test).I know that you learn engineering but please help me. Thanks in advance^.^

    • Do take sometime to check out the colleges on the university website, some are older, some are more modern depending on your liking. Most importantly, check whether the colleges offer the subject. In all, students still get together for common lectures, the colleges are very much similar than they are different. Go for the one which floats your boat!

      Example questions? Haha, typical. I bet you will be disaapointed if I told you there are no 10 year series for you to mug upon for the TSA? 😛

      It’s very much a mini SAT test imo and some essays you get to choose from a selection of 5 different questions for your field. Questions are largely varied and you can use the sample TSA paper on the testing website for tryouts. That’s all I had to prepare for my tests in my year, take it with an open mind and you will be fine. 😉

  4. hi, im also a random student who came upon this blog after googling “unconditional offer from cambridge”….can you tell me how did u make it? im rly curious about how to get an unconditional offer from the university of cambridge. thx 😀


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