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All the help for Cambridge…

Was around school yesterday to settle some administrative stuffs, so I was very much busy the whole day, so I will blog on it today (technically at 12am+). My UCAS application to Imperial and Cambridge are almost ready, the thing left are some documents and academic transcripts verified true-copy and ready so I can send them over to the UK and some unis I am banging for in the States. The people at the SP Examinations board were very helpful in getting it all done in a jiff for me, despite requesting for it on walk-in. Was told the representatives from the British council that they can help me with it too, especially sending them over for me. Thereafter I was back in my usual school work area scanning all my certificates into softcopy so they can be submitted online.

I was told from some teaching staff that getting into Cambridge with a Polytechnic background is going to be a worthwide challenge for me and would be something they would strongly see and help me through, especially in the name of SP. I am really appreciative of all their efforts in helping me out in contacts as well as supporting me with testimonials which I feel will help me greatly in my application.

Dsta Dso Ceremony

It came to me though that many commented on the Imperial College being one who still have to “sell themselves” to get students in, contrary to Cambridge, so as claimed, it alway seems that getting into Imperial is actually not a problem as many from SP has done so before. A “welcome to apply” reply email from the Imperial college admissions to me reassures that remark as well. In all, good or bad, you still can’t deny that Imperial is one of the world’s top ranking institutions so we have to give credit on that, after all it might be a college I will be studying in.

Since we are on the topic of studies, oh yes, my scholarship provider had sent in the official prize presentation ceremony invitation card few days ago. It is a closed award ceremony for both the Defense Science and Technology Agency scholars held next month in Orchard with Mr Teo Chee Hean as the guest of honor. Looking forward to that!


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