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Tokyo Skytree and Ginza street

Tokyo Skytree is a 32-floor broadcast, restaurant, and observation tower. The neo-futurism style free-standing tower is the tallest of its kind in the world. Let’s check out the record-breaking tower and observation deck today!

View at the top of Skytree in the evening
View at the top of Skytree in the evening.

A record setting tower

Located at Chome-1-2 Oshiage, in Sumida City, on the north eastern side of Tokyo, Japan. The Tokyo Skytree is categorised as a broadcasting and observation tower. Hence standing at a height of full height of 634.0 meters makes it the tallest of its kind in the world. Also, it has overtaken the Canton Tower in 2011 during construction and is the tallest structure in Japan since 2010. Furthermore, notably, the Skytree is not the tallest man-made structure in the world, with the honor going to the 830m tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE.

Looking up the Skytree
Looking up the Skytree!

Moreover, the top floor of the tower sits at 451.2 meters above sea level with the entire structure standing at a height of 634.0m. Also, this is measured to the tip of its ~139m broadcasting antenna spire which sits on its roof starting at 495.0 meters. In addition, on some technical details, the tower has 32 floors in total, with 3 below ground as basement floors. Additionally, it has 13 elevators and was designed and by architect Nikken Sekkei.

Additionally, construction of the tower in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan started 14 July 2008, where it was completed 8 years ago on 29 February 2012 with its opening a couple months later at 22 May 2012. It was built at a cost of 65 billion Japanese Yen.

Views from the observation deck

Furthermore, your journey up starts via the Skytree mall area where you are brought to a large queuing area to wait for your elevator up. The elevator has an animated sequence on your way up, which adds to the attraction experience.

tokyo-skytree-ginza 02
Skytree from afar
tokyo-skytree-ginza 04
Elevator waiting area
tokyo-skytree-ginza 05
Heading up the lift

Also, on the deck, the observatory has a sleek and modern feel. Glass walls lines the entire perimeter of the two floor viewing deck. Each deck is accessible via a stairwell. Moreover, while checking out the views from the tallest free standing tower structure here in Tokyo.

Skytree vast Observation deck area
Skytree vast Observation deck area.

Here, you can find a dedicated Skytree café, restaurant on the middle floor, as well as a gift shop. Also, in typical Japanese fashion, you can find plenty of adorable Japanese style trinkets, models and even postcards of the tower attraction.

Tokyo skytree on the sunset with a growing sea of lights
Tokyo skytree on the sunset with a growing sea of lights.

Also, the observation deck follows about a linear pattern, with a circular design where you can grab unobstructed 360 views of the Tokyo city skyline.

The deck cafe tucked up on the Skytree observation deck
The deck cafe tucked up on the Skytree observation deck.

Moreover, you can even see landmarks such as the Tokyo tower (which the Skytree dwarfs upon over in both height and amenities offered) and the majestic Mt Fuji in the distance. Notably, there are no open air viewing galleries up here.

tokyo-skytree-ginza 09
Tokyo tower closeup
tokyo-skytree-ginza 17
Tokyo Skytree shop
tokyo-skytree-ginza 12
Stairs between decks

View of north eastern Tokyo city

Downtown Tokyo with Mt Fuji in the distance
Downtown Tokyo with Mt Fuji in the distance.

A visit up here at the Skytree typically takes around two hours tops. Moreover, a good time to visit the Skytree is just before sunset, allowing you to catch both day and night view on a single ticketed visit. Moreover, you can also catch the highlight event, the sunset where you can witness the city progressively lighting up as the night starts to set in from the evening.

tokyo-skytree-ginza 13
Quirky animations
tokyo-skytree-ginza 14
tokyo-skytree-ginza 16
Elevator animation

Furthermore, an interesting element to the Skytree is a clear floor area. Also, you can see the entire skytree tower structure below you from the observation deck top all the way to the ground. Definitely not for those with Vertigo!

Do not look down! Through the clear floor
Do not look down! Through the clear floor.

Moreover, the decks are split between a regular “Tembo deck” and a “Tembo galleria”, with the latter being a payable extra with an extra glass tube attraction. Also, the base ticket typically costs about 2100 yen per adult, with the extra optional galleria costing a 1000 yen more. I would recommend forgoing the extras, as the base gallery offers the same sights in a more comfortable environment.

The Tokyo Skytree town and Ginza highstreet

In addition to the Skytree tower is the Tokyo skytree Town. It is a multilevel retail complex with 300+ stores & restaurants located in the Tokyo Skytree tower complex.

Skytree Pokemon center
Pokemon center in Skytree.

Moreover, the Skytree, located on the north-eastern side of Tokyo city is highly accessible by public transport. Also, it sits above a JR station of the same name (Stop ID: TS02) along the Tobu Lsesaki, Kirifuri, Nikko-Kinugawa and Ryomo lines. You exit the Skytree station right into a buzzing mall, also known as the Tokyo Solamachi which the skytree is built over on.

tokyo-skytree-ginza 01
Inside the center
tokyo-skytree-ginza 20
tokyo-skytree-ginza 21
More toys!

Notable attractions in the mall includes, a Loft, Bic Camera (they are everywhere) and a dedicated Pokemon center. Additionally, minor attractions here at the Skytree also includes the Sumida Aquarium as well as the mega mall as previously mentioned. Notably the entire Skytree town complex also includes commercial office buildings, which sites on the eastern side of the compound.

Ginza Wako store
Ginza Wako store.

A trip to Ginza?

A possible place to carry on shopping on your way back to central Tokyo is the Ginza shopping district, where most stores closes later. This is pretty much a traditional shopping high street with large brands such as LV, Chanel and Givenchy. Also, if these floats your boat. You can also find the iconic Ginza Wako store here too at the start of the junction just off Ginza JR rail station.

Upmarket street
Upmarket street.

All in all, Tokyo Skytree has established itself as one of the must-see sights when visiting Tokyo. Also, it being the tallest observation deck here in Tokyo and the best place to catch the best views of the city. Definitely a highlight of every Tokyo visit.


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