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Study in Scottland?

My mum & dad picked me up from Kranji camp where I attended the Army Open House Post function with the usual AOH creative team, Zhuang & Karpal (well its his camp). The spread was good, the highlight being the rice in squid thingy, it was of an international buffet setting with bar stools & tables to chomp on ya eats. There was the post AOH speech by CAO & commendation of the work the sponsors, exco & formations who helped & participated in the event, which wouldn’t be possible without.

On my way back home in the car, mum asked about my future study plans, well it came very much of a sudden I guess I was not really prepared for it (though I could see it coming sometime now). I asked for more time for me to think about it, well its quite a big commitment about what I am gonna take. Initially I my degree study options are limited to that in Australia, where most Singaporeans go, I could not secure a place in a local University, well maybe on a course which I really want to take, truely to my heart & not just do any degree program just for the stake of having one… Mum suggested studying in the UK, specifically Scottland. But man won’t it be very expensive? Not quite shes says, maybe the airfare, but its as affordable as studying in Australia, furthermore university rates downunder are not getting any cheaper too thesedays. Whhee, UK, scottland? sounds impressive, but I would definately have to be freaking independent for that! Not to mention the possible friends & possbile relations I would make there… *ponders* 😐

Hello college life again!

yet to come!



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