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Shaunchng.com moving to a new server. Have few spare Us for co-location.

Server Rack

The site has grown a very fair bit, so I guess it’s deserving to give the site it’s own box on the web. Installed 2 new servers in the Datacenter on the 28th of September. This new Quad Xeon Linux box will host the site. Having largely worked on the Windows platform, I’ve been doing quite alot of reading on Linux and Unix OS and hands-on in preparing the server for the web, including installation of the operating system, switch networking and securing the server. Though there was alot to learn and try. Linux is really interesting to configure which just brings me away from the luxury of GUI and back to the old MS-DOS days in the early 90s. But the good thing is that once you get the hang of the commands unique to the platform, most of the logic will still largely be similar to DOS. Will be looking to move the site over soon after the new server is ready for it.

Currently I have about quarter rack free space in Pantech 21 (Pandan) which I can lease out to anyone looking to co-locate their servers. The infrastructure I have in place for each 1U will be 10Mbps shared with 2IPs, one power plug and RJ45 port for $95 SGD/month. Ping is good, always not exceeding 17-25ms. Currently I have only about 6Us of space left so place is limited. Places will be offered on a case by case basis and access based on trust, so feel free to reach me if you are interested.


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