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Site officially upgraded, now time for the eye candies!

The site is  xhtml valid!

Well the site had been fully upgraded with all the basic necessities up. The tough part is of course converting all the current articles and tutorials into wordpress itself. What’s more the site is xhtml validated now, so that will put some standardization into the site itself. Strangely, xhtml seems to be like a milestone or sort, just like ISO ratings a company can have- Nice to have and shows that you are really into your stuff, but not a necessity but rather more of bragging rights.

As with ISO standards itself comes with it the similar flaw as as well, as the validation is only true for a sector and not the whole company, the same can be said for one page, which in this case is the root of this site. However, the same can’t be said for other pages on the site as well- code such as embedded youtube video and third party wordpress plug-ins always include non-compliant code, it just mess up everything. The site is still undergoing testing so do feel free to report any bugs when you encounter them. I thank those visitors who sent their feedback and problems they encountered on the site previously and I say, those really helped alot in the troubleshooting of this revised design.

What’s left now is to create different CSS stylesheets for different occasions of the site, where the site can call them up automatically when the date falls on a certain day, like day Christmas or even the upcoming Singapore national day. Something I’ve always wanted to do to inject some form of surprise for my visitors. Till then, it’s about 3 more months till my uni term starts and my college director of studies had already been in contact with regards to revision already, oh well let get workin’.



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