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Singapore cancer society flag day

Singapore cancer society flag day 2008

Today is the Singapore Cancer Society flag day! If you are around Orchard, especially the Plaza Singapura area you will definitely can’t miss us- We were prowling all available corners and exits so we can get into so nobody can run from donating wahhahaha!

All for a good cause of course! I was down as a public volunteer for the day as they are always open for external people on top of the strong secondary school groups there for the day as well. This flag day is part of my usual planned line of community service events for the month. Sad, few of my usual community service kakis were working and unavailable that day, so it’s very much a one man army (and show duh!).

For the record, never in my life had I said the word “cancer” so many times in a day! “Donate to the Singapore Cancer Society?”

The strange thing was that only 2 full plys of stickers were provided for each collection bag and you cannot have more due to shortages, so in other words you are quite out of luck when you are out of ’em which I did by mid day, and in Singapore with the exception of few noticeable occasions, it’s weird if you do not give a sticker for donations. Nevertheless came back with say, about an odd $60 or so for my half day collection- the bag was rather heavy by then so it was quite difficult to bring around, but it beats those one-use bulky donation cans which on the contrary is actually more “sticker friendly” than the bag.

Next week I will be at sister’s secondary (Henderson) helping out at their MCYS fund raising carnival. Choong community service before undergrad enrollment!



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