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Semester 3 Exams, Lock & Loaded, Rock & FIRE!

*chomps on apple muffin while typing this post* Man! Am I on the ball now, InterStella HyperDrive, Schedule On Track with NO Eminent possible Serailment, Beam me up Scotty, 3 Papers To Go!

:mrgreen: My first paper will be on tomorrow, starting with Engineering Maths II. Been looking forward to it as it would mark the end of another module & one step closer to the end of the exams. For me, it would be with the Newbalance Realrun 2006 to look forward to at the end of the week.. & maybe a nice relaxing chill at the Sentosa beach with the track team thereafter in the mist of all this exam heat. Just dun rain… When the holiday starts, it will be the start of a new set of interesting challenges & “chores”, till then, chill.

🙄 You may notice that my blog these days are not really photoblogs, as my handphone is still currently down. & it beats carrying my digicam around too. Thus the ever bitching about technology & gadgets in search of a replacement phone these days. Otherwise, (as many would have already did) you can call my home phone (which I never knew still exists). Ahhh the tranquility of being away & ignoring GSM… Just let me savour the quiet, peaceful moment before the uncontactable angry mobs come after me in a few weeks to come…

😐 Guess IVP caught me at a bad time this year. Firstly off with the semester exams smack right on weeks before the event, miscellanous commitments, marathon preparations (in mara mode now) & the possiblity of a light leg surgery during the september holidays. Interestingly, the doctor at TTSH had to postpone my appointment 2 times already, so inconvenient & inflexible schedules, hope they did not piss me off again when I am there or change my appointment again!

Nevertheless been training/running by myself despite missing offical track training, with the adsence of gym training. Anyway, heres my exam schedule:

  • 17th August, Thursday – Engineering Maths II (2-4pm)
  • 18th August, Friday – Mechanics II (9am-11am)
  • 25th August, Friday – Thermofluids II (9am-11am)

Things will start to be clear by this friday, with the unloading of Maths & Mechanics from my temporary L2 cached memory brain cells to accomodate packing over the next week for Thermofluids II, think 640KB would be enough for anyone, well so as Bill Gates said…

😎 Bwahhahaha all your ‘A’s are belong to me!

Millege for the last week (6th-12th August 7 day period)
15 rounds Tiong Bahru park, Thursday – 15km
SP Gym 3+1 Varied Weight Training + 5.1km threadmill – Friday
15 rounds Tiong Bahru park, Sunday – 15.2km
Total Millege for week = 35.1km (118% of 30km/week target met)


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