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Semester 2 Results Out!

2005/2006 Semester 2 Results

The morning started at 9am with me trying to log into the all so buggy MSN messenger 7.5 only to crash 3 consecutively. I guess the notification disruptions of someone logging in & out of MSN repeated definitely leaves an impression on your contacts, explaining the barrage of messages which followed thereafter. With some telling me that the SP website is lagged due to the release of the semester results.

😉 On a foresight, my birthday is on this Saturday, the 25th of march. But I didn’t really take note of today being my birthday on the chinese lunar calender, till mum served my sweet noodles & 2 hard boiled eggs on top of breakfast today. The initial plan was a dinner with my family at “The village” Marchie styled restaurant, but turned towards the International Buffet Dinner at Trader’s hotel with some 20% discount voucher I received. (To be used on a birthday celebration? nah I am don’t mind, neither do I find that cheapskate!)

Only logged in to check my results around lunchtime. Expectant to get 4 distinctions, this semester, I scored 5 distinctions! with 3As, contrary to 4 distinctions & 2As in total previously. The funny thing is that I am scoring grades I didn’t expect to score. My few confident modules (CRS & Engineering maths) getting a lower than expected grade, but least expectant modules (Engineering materials & ETECH) scoring the tops. So that is 9 Distinctions in the bag so far, 1 shy of a round 10 number, if I can keep this up, maybe I can try to hit at least 25 Distinctions before I graduate.

🙄 In the meantime, will be down at school tomorrow to man our club CCA booth, it will be a long day, haiz. Maybe I should get off work for this week & hit the gym later tomorrow.


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