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School Reopens, “work” to “campus” mode again

Start of semester 5!

Well school had re-opened and I am my 5th Semester having cleared my Internship the last 2 months and graduating in about less than a year’s time. Things are starting to get up on pace, namely new thick sets of lecture notes and considerably more visits to the library for books again.

This is technically my last academic semester and possibly one of rated low key semesters I would ever be taking (8 modules compared to last semester’s 9 and they say year 3 will be easy!), with Final Year Projects taking up the remaining bulk of this year. The best thing is there are no General Elective Modules (GEMS duh!) this semester too, so my Wednesdays (Alternate week) and Fridays are FREE! It had been sometime since I have a nice and clear timetable for runs, friends and recreation not to mention more family time and managing my business.

My modules for this semester:

  • Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs (Credit Units Weight 2)
  • Industrial Automation (Credit Units Weight 4)
  • Mechanics III (Credit Units Weight 4)
  • Quality fir product realisation (Credit Units Weight 4)
  • Engineering Thermodynamics (Credit Units Weight 4)
  • Fluid Mechanics (Credit Units Weight 4)
  • Organisational Management (Credit Units Weight 3)
  • Statistics (Credit Units Weight 3)
Class of DME/FT/10

But though given that, the daunting fact is that HALF of my modules this semester are heavy grade point 4 modules and only ONE grade pt 2 module (in comparison, there are three 2 Grade pts, three 3 Grade pts & 1 Grade pt 5 modules last semester). Not that I’ve never taken so many Credit Units modules in one semester but I guess I should not let my guard down and be complacent this last semester either. Its home run time!

On projects, my product design lecturer surprisingly called me last week asking (and presumably hinting haha) whether my final year project team had been formed and whether we had found a supervisor. He expressed great interest in taking my team as project supervisor & I would gladly look forward to that too, having taken us for almost a year over. On a side note, I know one of the directors in my school is also pursuing to be my team’s supervisor too… So it’s a battle between the lecturers… Choices… yet feels funny too, never been in this situation before, may the best wins.

The semester honour roll

Last but not least on the walk of the department’s noticeboard, there you have it again (on a semester annual affair hehe) – my name on the list of the honour roll for 4 semesters straight so far… and counting! The top person in the cohort scored 7 distinctions for the previous semester and that is still the record given to only 1 or 2 students on the pinned result list. Competition is still very hot and I am definately not letting my guard down this semester too.

Target for this semester:
Academic: At least 7 Distinctions (To 30)
CCA: Bump up to 300 CCA Points (~70pts to go)



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