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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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One More Paper to Go!

The day is finally here, 2 weeks of back-to-back studying torturing studying, it’s 2 more days to my final paper this Friday! the 24th August! For this exam to date, I’ve done almost 23 past year papers for revision and used up more than twice as much lecture pads I get from a normal semester for all that and my tutorials done (hehhehheh). Something tells me this semester is as tough as it gets. Everybody all round me are all panda-eyed and sickly now and I think I am not the only one losing it haha.

Zippy Gigabyte Swaps

After one month of inactivity, I guess it’s time to bring my desktop PC back to life. Got about backup all my files on my desktop before formatting. It’s not everyday where I get 1TB of hard disks sitting on my desk zipping hundred GB of files here and there. Otherwise, I am starting to think that SATA and USB 2.0 is really really slow, it’s almost one whole afternoon and I had not even got all my files transferred. Should be getting my old dusty Windows disc to install again, just hope it activates without having a need to call Microsoft or I will seriously be screwing them over the phone again.

Come to think about it, had been sometime since I ran though. It would be AHM/Sheares Bridge run to look forward too this Sunday, would be staying over with ChenLing and gang before heading there in a cab convoy Sunday.


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