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End of Semester & exams…

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Sis blew the family living room computer’s DVD drive together with it’s intellimouse, MSN refuses to log me in, the stupid SP student intranet is hanging Firefox again, the Steam Network just keeps rejecting my password, my correction tape ran dry midway in the exams today. Dammit just when anything can get any worst.

I am no longer a freshman. I guess I set too high of expectations for myself, hoping at least an A grade or better, but I guess as what my lecturers say, year one is the best time to score, given the relatively easier paces & period of adaptation. Moreover its the only way to guarantee a secure place in college too.

*sighs & ponders*

And there we have it, the semester in closing. The semester exams are finally over, with some high & low hopes here is a summary of the papers and results of them:

  • Engineering Maths – Easy paper, hope to score in this module
  • C++ Programming – Toughest paper, pray can skim thru with borderline A
  • Engineering Materials – Very managable paper, but hard to score the DIST
  • Electrical Technology – Very confident to do well in this paper at least a B+ to A

*oww* I am just feel kinda spent now… maybe its the 10km I ran today on the treadmill after the last paper, just gotta keep myself up & don’t be so moody tonight even in the tiredness.

Somehow… even when the exams are over with quite optimistic grade expectations, I just don’t feel like celebrating…


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