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Knowing the class better

Mechanics II Class

It more than one week in class, & finally with updated news, our Mechanics Lecturer is actually our class tutor! Mr Goh Kim Seng is a contemporary stylish lecturer, who is well, not very much well-known in the looks department. But he sure is a good teacher and behaves really professionally as an educator, very unlike the standard stereotypical teachers at his age group.

Looking forward to him and his lectures to come!

There will be a blood donation drive going on in school, would be considering donating as 2 CCA points are awarded for successful donors. Details as follows:

A blood donation held on campus next week:

Date: 02 to 04 May 2006, Tuesday to Thursday
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Place: Vanda Room (Level 2 Staff Centre, next to the swimming pool)
Please bring along your NRIC or International Passport, 2 CCA points will be awarded to successful donors.

This will be my 2nd time donating blood, & the first time CCA points are actually awarded for donating in SP (The previous semester drive didn’t give CCA points. So no points no blood! too bad! wahahaha). Umm anyway, its also for the good & generous giving I guess? 😉 Now I just got to find my HSA blood donor’s record card for ease of the donating process.

CNC Machining Class

😈 One week & the heat is really coming up, if its not the lack of coolant in our CNC machining, its projects, presentations & homework piling up. The SAA called me up yesterday morning during class to confirm my nomination & application for the Nigaloo marine park research project on Whale Sharks in Australia. They gave the impression of very tough requirements needed to get into the research team. Shortlisted will be interviewed & must spot not only good attitude, but must be able to swim very effectively as well. The prestige is relative either, as selected will not only represent SP in a team of 3 out of the total 6 for the project but will be like an indirectly representation of Singapore, sponsored by NYAA & HSBC.

👿 With that aside, my phone’s short battery life is definitely getting on me, hope its a software drain or so as it can only last like 2 full days or normal usage, even if it’s a hi-capacity battery. Previously it can last like 4-5 days tops. & a single short call won’t reduce the battery by 50%. I was really hoping that my trusty Siemens SX1 can last me more another year or so.

🙄 2 Laptops still on the waiting list from Asiapac, but no word from them yet, though they said they would all me end of the month. Grrr why it takes so long for them to get laptops from Japan?


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