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It’s Vesak Day, let rock climb!

Adventure Race Rock Climb Practice

It’s Vesak day today, informally “Buddha’s Birthday”. Well wishes going to all Buddhists celebrating Vesak day alike. The day started with me crawling to to Aljunied MRT at 9am on a snoozy public holiday to meet Darius and Elrick for the Adventure race team briefing at Enamel house. Over there we were briefed on the conduct and expectations of the race. Interestingly this year, the inclusion of high elements back into the race with abseiling and natural quarry rock climbing in on top of the usual orienteering, trail biking and running (which will take up the bulk of the race).

We did a few practice climbs at the rock wall there but none of us can actually complete the practice climb! I mean I’ve climbed inclined tiled walls before, but presumably because of few critical tiles lacking in some parts of the wall (& I am not very efficient with the use of inserts either), we all couldn’t get up to a certain point! But that didn’t stop us from doing a “belay haul” haha which we managed to get Darius up to a point without much “climbing” on his side either! Though the natural wall we will be conquering at the quarry will be easily 3 times the height of this 3 storey synthetic wall, the organiser said that it will be easier to climb, about 5mins – so as he claimed. Free abseiling is fun, just like what I did in the Army before only this time, theres a 10 storey rock face to “walk” down from.

Vesak Day 2007

There was a outdoor tentage and a grand monument in front of the Aljunied MRT carpark in line with Vesak day, very impressive glittering landmark in the afternoon sun. Discussed the race plans and preparations with the team over curry rice lunch at the nearby coffeehouse, particularly how we need to go about transporting our mountain bikes to the race venue (there’s no bike and equipment rentals this year so we have to use all our own, which is quite a hassle having to bring to Bukit Timah).

Nevertheless it was going about getting the needed race equipment at the Beach Road army market and cooling down with ice desserts before heading off. Met up with Mum and Dad at the Bukit Merah View Thai Temple to pray for the afternoon before heading home for a much needed rest.


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