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Grades Dropping

I guess with this new found time & comparitively slower pace of life now, just let me recap the very hectic holiday week at the comfront the school’s cafe. Indeed the last few weeks was the mid semester holidays. Tests coming out at the end of the holidays, not to mention elearning assignments. I guess the legend semester 2 heat is definately getting on the us students as a whole. All my grades are an average 10% lower this semester, with my the first time failing one homework assigment with a 12/50 & possiblity not being able to get 100 for my Thermofluids test I’ve last tuesday. Other than that some promising tests, including (Mechanics on Monday) will be as follows:

  • Engineering Maths: 20/20 (10% in overal total)
  • Design Techniques & skills: 83/100 (50% in overal total)
  • Computer Aided Machining: 83/100 (20% in overal total)

Millege for the 1st holiday week was impressive with 52km, with 2 visits to the gym. But things slowed down relatively with stuffs with school work, revisions & workz, clocking 24.3km on week 2. Theres a class chalet BBQ & the adventure race on the 3rd week (Week June 18th-24th), so didn’t actually had time to even drop down to school for gym & track training.

Millage for last week (7 day period, June 18th-24th)
Adventure race – 20km (Competitive 1st Runner Up)

Total Millage/week = 20.0km (67% of 30km a week target met)

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