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Run run run, hush on final year projects

Went for a short 16km run this evening after a week of absence from the sport, maybe I am saturated with glucose or so, but the run was totally effortless and I never felt the “wall” at all, things look good to bump the distance up by another kilometer next week runs. The Alexandra canal route was exceptionally crowded today too, which added more to the buzz on the jog. Moreover, I’ve managed to get a contact who is able to get Polar watches at 25% off the standard retail price, making things looking niffy for my upcoming RS400sd which is most importantly, only available in Black! The RS800sd, silver? urrrghh!

On yea, lastly you may notice that my Final Year spotlight has taken quite a hush hush lately and the project blog and information mostly taken down. Yup it’s because of certain issues my lecturer raised to the whole class last week in school- Most of our final year projects are actually industry based projects, which usually have to be kept “hush-hush” to protect against competitors, especially when we are working on a new “secret ground breaking product”. Furthermore, he also highlighted that there were history of cases of students project groups facing infringements and possible lawsuits due to the leakage of such information. So the stand now is keep the project away from the public eye, which also meant taking all the project content on the site till the exhibition period – SPINNOVEX.

But don’t worry I will definitely check back time to time on the progress on the project, if not I will definitely bore myself which nothing on school, only minus the sensitive information. Stay tuned!

Running Mileage for the week
Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route: 16.02km – Sunday
Total Mileage for week: 16.02km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 752.35km


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