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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Ez-linkers in SP, Graduation website up.

Ez-linkers in SP

For those who were wondering where I am these days, I am in school working part time- ummm distributing Ez-link cards. Ok it’s not really my definition of a wise way to spend my time there given the opportunity costs, but hey I had to be in school anyway to finish my national youth achievement (NYAA) reports for submission, so why not?

Moreover, the student development officer there who invited me to work there not only allowed me to bring all my barang barang there to work on my report but freelance jobs while I man the Ez-link distribution tables. I can even have stand-ins when I need to leave the table for awhile to meet clients and meetings in town. Now is that cool or what.

Ezlinkers - Moblerly Kejum buteh snacks

SP Moberly block will be having their official opening this friday as well, so part of my job there is to prepare some items for the event itself. I became rather proficient in making Kejum buteh cones for the Kejum buteh snack store after being tasked to make like 300 cones in 2 days (man was that so time consuming).

There was a photo taking session today as well in Moberly for all the gradation award winners as well and got to meet the other 2 of the 3 musketeers- Andrew and Cliff who were there as well, but only for a short while as we are all very busy people.

Got to know many of the SAA staff better since I was in and out the Student alumni office. It was kinda fun knowing almost all of this year’s juniors as well. This batch will be mostly the students born on the year of 1990-1991 and it seems that almost a large 20-30% of the applicants are foreigners, mostly coming from PRC based on the name list and records. Moreover, it seems that it’s more of a fad for modern Chinese local families to give their children Christian middle names, forgoing the usual 2 syllable chines name, so it’s like Matthew Daniel Yeo for instance. Though the norm in the west, in Singapore schools it’s like having the bragging rights of 2 names!

Oh yes, lastly, the SP graduation website is up already as well too, check that out!


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